Sick & tired of being sick

I feel pretty miserable. It’s the weekend and while everyone else is out running, cycling, visiting friends and family, I’ve been locked up at home, desperately trying to treat a cough and congested nose.

It’s my own fault it got to this point. I could feel myself getting sick two weeks ago but still carried on at work as if nothing was wrong. I still stuck to my running program knowing I had some big races coming up. But the body doesn’t negotiate and finally brings you down.

The sore throat became a runny nose which turned into bronchitis. The body aches reminding me that I was unable to do the simplest task, never mind consider a jog. I landed up sitting on the bedroom floor on a Friday night with a nebulizer stuck to my face, exhausted.

I’ve learnt a couple of hard lessons during it all.

  • Work carries on with or without you. I should’ve stayed home and recovered properly. Some of my colleagues didn’t even realize that I wasn’t there.
  • I need to be aware of how much I’m saying yes to. I can’t do it all and eventually I did burn out.
  • Running must stop. This is the hardest lesson. I had already entered a couple of races which I couldn’t run. I was so disappointed. And when I do start up again, it’s going to feel like starting at square one.

I’m desperate to get better though. I’m sick of being sick. It’s frustrating and I’ve had enough. But I forced myself to rest.

And no, not work from home rest. Proper rest. Cups of tea, blanket, in front of telly, coloring in books kinda rest where I could slip in and out of naps as and when I liked.

It’s helped. I’m starting to feel like myself again.

My Mom’s honey cough mixture recipe (aka boere rad)

I posted a pic on Instagram on the weekend showcasing all the medication that KK was taking. It’s a combo of his usual pre-Comrades panic mixed with a really runny nose. His fear is that it grows into a full blown chest infection. Eeek! Then on Sunday, I started to come down with an incredibly rusty throat & dry cough. Such bad timing. We both decided to bail on the RAC 10km race & suffered huge FOMO trawling through our Strava feeds. 

A couple of comments to the pic mentioned (over)dosing up on honey, especially some really passionate & convincing advise from @LaceyMcCarthy that honey was the only cure. 

Somewhere out of my memory bank I remembered that when I was younger, my mom gave us spoonfuls of a hectic concoction made with honey & a whole lot of other stuff. It was vile but it worked! 

Recipe in hand and chatting to my mom, I mixed up a bottle tonight. That smell brought back so many memories! It’s going to take a bit of convincing for KK to try it, but there was no hesitation from me! Honey cough mixtureI’ve got a strong feeling it’s going to work. It’s either because it’s so strong & deadly or possibly because it filled me with such happiness & pride that my mom’s honey mixture has been passed down to me. 

In case you’d like to try it, here’s the recipe: 
Lennons hoesmiddel

750gm honey 🍯 

1 bottle Lennons Turlington

1 bottle Borsdruppels

1 bottle Paregoric

1/2 bottle peppermint druppels

(Heat honey slightly if needed and add ingredients).

Let me know if this helped you! (And if perhaps my Mom should start her own business!

Giving hot yoga a bash

I was quite excited to see that Planet Fitness in my ‘hood was offering hot yoga on Saturday mornings and decided I’d give it a try. I did yoga many years ago but wasn’t quite sure how different hot yoga was to the traditional one I did. I heard recommendations from friends ‘in the know’ to take an extra towel with me and a bottle of water. Having overdone it a tad last week in the power box class, I was worried that I was over my head trying something new a second week in a row.

The SMS alert said “Arrive early” which I thought meant 9:20 but when I walked into the class, it was already full! I managed to squeeze in a mat before the door was closed to the disappointment of quite a few people outside. Wow, popular class or New Year’s resolutionites? I wasn’t sure.

With a raise of hands, most people were new to yoga, including hot yoga, which was perfect. It meant the instructor spent more time explaining the moves and no one was made to feel too insecure not being able to do the moves perfectly. And so we started.

Boy did it get hot quickly! They weren’t kidding about “hot” yoga! The heaters above us kept the temperature quite warm and soon I was dripping with sweat. It’s apparently the best work-out for a hangover because of the detoxification. I was just hoping my muscles wouldn’t be too stiff for the 5km race I was running the next day so took each pose very flow yoga

An hour flew by so quickly. In between standing poses, sitting poses and the most incredible stretching of the back, we were done. Luckily I did not wake up with the DOMS and could easily run my race. But what I loved most about the class is that it was slow. Every move was according to my pace, my strength and my body. I was also made aware of my breathing and tightness in my shoulders. If anything, the workout is a fantastic stress reliever!

I have taken my running down a notch to focus more on core strength exercises, leg strengthening as well as correcting my running form. I’m definitely adding hot yoga to my list!

*Image credit: Lindy Geraghty @

Eager beaver gym bunny

I woke up to a rainy day on Saturday but decided, well, it’s the New Year so no more excuses, if I couldn’t run out on the road, I’d head to gym instead.

I checked out the Planet Fitness schedule and spotted a Power Box class at 7:30am. Perfect timing! I’m out the house in good time, braced the flooded roads and arrived at the class 10 minutes ahead of time. I was feeling good! I was “pumped” and ready to go! *gym talk*

The class started with a bang and we were “round housing” and doing level 3 punches within the first 15 minutes of the class. Yikes! None of the warm up I was anticipating. With every leg kick I thought, this feels hectic, but I’m okay. I convinced myself that this was brilliant for leg strengthening which I need! My bum burned! My arms ached. I loved it!

After 60 minutes, I left the gym with a beautiful red face, my clothes drenched in sweat, heart racing and feeling fantastic…

But 24 hours later, I woke up this morning in pain! I could hardly move! My arms were limp, my legs were stiff and ached as I walked down the stairs to make coffee. Damnit! I could hardly move. 

I was stiff! But really stiff! Eina stiff! WTH? I do track and some running in the week. Was I really this unfit? A hot, arnica oil bath was absolute bliss to soothe my aching muscles.

As I lay in the silky water, I was smiling. Maybe I had been too keen. I suppose I had overdone it, acted a tad too eager? Everybody knows to take it easy when you head back to gym after a long break. On the opposite end, what a fantastic workout to strengthen my legs and core? Most definitely beneficial to my running. 

I was more impressed that I had actually gone to gym, on a Saturday morning, in the pouring rain! Ironically there’s something about that stiffness and muscle ache that is addictive. It makes your body feel alive! Makes you feel like you’ve pushed yourself over a cliff (in a happy way). I also know that the more I do it, the less pain I’ll be in, the stronger I’ll be.

Silly me! We’ve all been there, right? By the way, I’m gonna try out the hot yoga next week! Watch this space.