My Mom’s honey cough mixture recipe (aka boere rad)

I posted a pic on Instagram on the weekend showcasing all the medication that KK was taking. It’s a combo of his usual pre-Comrades panic mixed with a really runny nose. His fear is that it grows into a full blown chest infection. Eeek! Then on Sunday, I started to come down with an incredibly rusty throat & dry cough. Such bad timing. We both decided to bail on the RAC 10km race & suffered huge FOMO trawling through our Strava feeds. 

A couple of comments to the pic mentioned (over)dosing up on honey, especially some really passionate & convincing advise from @LaceyMcCarthy that honey was the only cure. 

Somewhere out of my memory bank I remembered that when I was younger, my mom gave us spoonfuls of a hectic concoction made with honey & a whole lot of other stuff. It was vile but it worked! 

Recipe in hand and chatting to my mom, I mixed up a bottle tonight. That smell brought back so many memories! It’s going to take a bit of convincing for KK to try it, but there was no hesitation from me! Honey cough mixtureI’ve got a strong feeling it’s going to work. It’s either because it’s so strong & deadly or possibly because it filled me with such happiness & pride that my mom’s honey mixture has been passed down to me. 

In case you’d like to try it, here’s the recipe: 
Lennons hoesmiddel

750gm honey 🍯 

1 bottle Lennons Turlington

1 bottle Borsdruppels

1 bottle Paregoric

1/2 bottle peppermint druppels

(Heat honey slightly if needed and add ingredients).

Let me know if this helped you! (And if perhaps my Mom should start her own business!

11 thoughts on “My Mom’s honey cough mixture recipe (aka boere rad)

  1. this works like a gem. i mix a different way. 750 grams honey, teaspoon paregoric, teaspoon turlington, half peppermint druppels and half the bottle of bors drupples. in 2 days cough is gone gone gone. for babies under five I rather use lemon, ginger and garlic, 2 fresh lemons, 2 sticks of ginger about the size of your pointy finger, about 4 nice size cloves of garlic. all sliced up and put in a nice jar honey poured over, put is in the fridge over night and then next day scoop out like 2 spoons in a cup or bottle and make a nice soothing tea for the baby.

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    • Oooh! The ginger and garlic are excellent ideas! All natural too! This* is what must surely make a huge difference and a great cuppa tea!


  2. I mix just the honey and borsdruppels and peppermint drops my version of woods cough syrup. Turlington really tastes awful and the kids don’t like it . but the 3 ingredients I use works for the cough


    • I remember also struggling to find. Eventually managed to get some from my local pharmacy and other stuff from Dischem but can’t recall which? It’s the Lennon yellow box so maybe phone around to check? Sorry


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