Sick as a pig

As I write this post, I feel like death warmed up. Never in my life have I felt so sick. It started on Sunday afternoon and instead of me resting, I simply thought a couple of medi-keels and throat spray would sort it out. I went to work on Monday because I had “so much to do” – sound familiar?

As I got home on Monday night, I jumped straight into bed, thinking I could ‘sleep’ the flu away. Tuesday was spent entirely in bed, no TV, no mags, no blogging. But when I woke up on Wednesday, it was worse. I realised I would need to get to the doctor. But as per usual, I thought I would get as much done before going to the doctor so I quickly scooted off to my dietitian appointment at 7am and into the office to sort out some emails.

When I finally got to the doctor, she was horrified. I have blisters all down the back of my throat and my muscles ache so bad, I groaned when she touched my legs and my ribs. I am sore, there’s no doubt about it. Very sore. It’s only when she said she needed to do a throat swab to rule out swine flu that I suddenly stopped and started to take notice. Swine flu? She reassured me that it was just the strain going around and I had the same symptoms but nothing to worry about. But it’s still not the words I wanted to hear.

I’m at home, in bed, feeling very sorry for myself. But I’ve learnt some hard lessons from it all:

  • Nothing else is as important as my health. When my body speaks to me and tells me there’s something wrong, I need to listen. AND obey.
  • Work can wait. In fact, the share price doesn’t drop if I am not there. Work carries on without me.
  • My colleagues are supportive. The power of the pig is strong. I mentioned the words swine flu and boy did they kick me out the building! I guess it’s not fair to go to work sick but how many of us do?
  • I usually take my chances and go running when I feel a cold coming on. I ran on Sunday morning and I wonder if it wasn’t all too much for my body to handle? Did I ignore the signs? In a way I am so desperate to get back into running. Wits and Old Ed’s is coming up soon and I want to run.
  • I need to look after myself all over. Sticking with the pig theme, even my dietitian told me I must stop eating like a pig (my interpretation).

The test results for my throat swab come out on Friday but I have been booked off from work regardless. Even if it’s not pig, it’s still flu. As frustrating as this is for someone like me who never takes sick leave, I have no choice.

On the topic of pigs, one of my Twitter BFFs @lucypeta has a pig as a pet. His name is Merlin. Here he is, giving me a smooch hello! *love him* Isn’t he just gorgeous!