Strong in mind. Sometimes.

I would not be lying to you if I said that I have not eaten bread since April. In fact, I haven’t eaten fluffy powdered Portuguese rolls, savoury rice, cheesy macaroni or roast potatoes either. Since deciding to adapt to a low carb high fat (#LCHF) diet, I have managed to stick to this way of eating and seen wonderful results. In fact, I hate calling it a diet because in my mind, it’s a way of life.Willpower

It was a comment from a colleague recently who said she doesn’t know of anyone with stronger willpower than me. It’s a fact that I can resist all the snacks at work, even to the point of taking my own lunchbox with me to conferences and workshops. But I do question this so-called ‘strong willpower’ when it comes to my running.

You see, I’m *that* runner that refuses to run when it’s too windy or raining. I’m the type of runner that delays getting out of the car in the icy cold winter to run a race. I’m one of those runners that has a mini mental breakdown when I get to the 14km mark of a half marathon because I doubt I’ll finish in time. In actual fact, my inner voice might be able to say no to a spaghetti bolognaise smothered in cheese but when it comes to running 5kms on a treadmill, it begs me to quit.

Why is it easier with eating right but when it comes to running, I allow my inner voice to weigh me down? Why can I not be more self-controlled when it comes to running?

I think it’s about time me and my little inner voice had a chat…