We reluctantly came. We nervously saw. OMW, we sold!

The choice of touch points or channels has always been quite a strong focus of most of my career. Where to target customers, on which channel, when and how. So when we launched our small business CW-X SA, I seriously thought that I would be able to lure customers to the website via a range of beautiful imagery on Instagram and engaging stories on Facebook.

Sales have been slow. 

We realized that the brand had dipped into very low awareness levels, the competitor environment was fierce and that unless we put money behind our social media posts, no one was really seeing our brand.

We decided to get our faces out there and approached Randburg Harriers Running Club asking if we could promote our goods at their Thursday evening time trial. I won’t lie, a social media collaborator and an engineer, face-to-face sales was not our strong point and we were dreading it.

The nerves ran high!

But here’s what we learnt:

  • Our brand needs to be seen in the real world. Once people saw the banners, it suddenly felt real.
  • Our faces need to be seen and recognized by fellow runners to make the connection between our brand and ourselves. Why? Because trust sells. Relationships sell. Networking sells.
  • And most of all, word-of-mouth is key! Once people realized its was us and they knew our faces and names behind the brand, they were really excited and started to tell other people.

Mini brand ambassadors were born.

I’m all for eCommerce but it doesn’t allow for much human connection. With the face-to-face interaction at time trial along side the track, it was easier to question and probe. We showed an interest in people and their stories.

It created a comfortable space for people to share their running injuries, their eating struggles and their choice of what running tights suited them more. People opened up to us about personal stories they would not necessarily do online.

After one evening, we’re no experts. But what an eye opener.

And here’s one more nugget. We fell out of our comfort zones and rolled straight into realizing that maybe, just maybe, we can do this thing called sales.

I can’t run without my…

Before I headed out to run on Sunday, I threw my sunglasses in the drawer, choosing to run without them for a change. Lately, I find that I hardly wear them and run the entire way with them perched on my cap, so why bother? But there are definitely items which I can’t run without? Here’s my list:

My towelling cap


There are three ‘generations’ of running caps in my drawer. The first blue Nike one I happened to find at Meltz (of all places!). It set the standard for the next two caps because of the towelling headband. I sweat on my head big time and the towelling soaks it all up. The next two caps have both come with towelling and I simply cannot run without it! I haven’t been able to find another Nike cap but stumbled upon this blue Sailfish cap at Tribe on Main Street last week. It’s as if it was made especially for my head. Super light and fits like a glove. It’s a winner!

My sports bra


I’ve been a loyal Anita sports bra wearer for many years and never bothered looking for alternatives. Until I happened to see a survey of running bras which showed the CW-X from Contour Sports as the top sports bra and decided to try it out. I’m not a fan of buying clothes online but trust me, the sizes are a perfect match! The best thing about this bra is that it feels as if it’s holding me and all my jiggly bits tightly together. I’ve also had no chaffing during any track sessions or the recent half marathons I’ve run. It even looks attractive enough to be worn just on its own (if it was that confident). The biggest bonus: I throw it in the washing machine!

My thick socks


KK and I never really confuse whose socks are whose because while he loves all things Nike, I’m a huge Falke fan. I cannot run in thin socks and find the thicker the sock, the better. Combined with the cushioning of my asics running shoes, it’s as if I’m running on clouds. I just wish they couldn’t get all bobbly after a few washes.

My Garmin/Jawbone combo

Garmin Jawbone

Wearable devices has become the rage lately so when KK gave me a Jawbone UP24 for Christmas, I was thrilled! I’ve become slightly obsessed with it too. It tracks my steps as well as my sleeping patterns and suggests corrective measures and tips to help me monitor my health. It sync’s with all the apps such as My Fitness Pal and Strava (find me!) which makes it the perfect match with my Garmin. I even get a weekly newsletter showing how well/unwell I’m doing.

Are you the same? What are some of your favourite running items?

(ps: this post is unsponsored and all my own views and opinions. Basically, no one paid me to say these things…)