Slack runner = slack blogger

You know that feeling when, in the back of your mind, something gnaws at you, but you ignore it. You constantly feel guilty and keep making promises to yourself that you inevitably land up breaking? Well, that’s been me and my blogging (as well as my running) lately.

The truth is I’ve been neglecting my blog. It’s not that I’ve lost my mojo or don’t have anything to say. I’ve got tons of drafts written down (in my head). But they don’t feel ‘right’. They are lacking that ‘something’.

It’s been the same with my running. The weather has slowly started to change into chilly Autumn mornings and the sun has been setting earlier and earlier each evening. My motivation to get out there and run has been lacking as I find every excuse to work late or spend Sunday mornings in bed.

It was only after coming back from a run this morning with my good running friend Terence, that I realized something. The more I run, the more I think of things to write about. When my running is at its peak, I have a gazillion blog posts that I want to write. But when I slack off, so too does my writing.

Run & Sweat

When I’m out on the road, be it walking or running, I have the chance to properly process my thoughts. I have time on my hands to think of what’s been going on in my life and to explore my feelings for situations. It then becomes so much easier to write things down and in some weird way, make sense of it all. It’s as if I have time to ‘talk to myself’.

Offloading Catching up with Terence on the run this morning, I realized that there’s quite a bit going on in my life. Some big issues, some smaller ones. Nothing serious or anything. Just stuff I haven’t yet thought about.

Okay, I need to run more. But more importantly, I need to blog!