Relaxing in the Waterberg

Last year was a year where “Keeping up with the Walkers” both in the road races as well as work & life proved to be a tough task. So getting away from it all was such sweet reward.

It’s the second year that we’ve started our December holidays by heading out to the Waterberg. It’s a week of doing absolutely nothing except for loads of eating, drinking and relaxing and is the best way to wash away some of the stresses of the year.

To be surrounded by the most beautiful scenery, visited by warthogs and buck in the afternoons and engulfed in a star-filled sky each night, the Waterberg is a magnificent escape. I left my phone in the bedroom and soaked up as much sun and quiet time as I could.

Pity it flies by so quickly…

Thunderstorm approaching KK, DSM & Daniel heading down to the river Drinks Hut at the river Fun down at the river MTB route markings Catching tadpoles Oupa Piet Mountain biking MTB Evenings around the fire Conversation down at the river KK and sundowners

IMG_2810 Fishing Lazy afternoon walks down to the river - Lindani Simon enjoying the supa-tube KK watching the sun setting Waterberg sunset

Escaping to Bushman’s Hide

I guess I’m like most people who signed up for the Groupon and Wicount daily deals email. I get that rush when I see deals that promise such massive discounts, but I’ve only ever bought meal vouchers.

That was until in August when I spontaneously bought a mini holiday break at a tented camp in the Waterberg called Bushman’s Hide. The deal was 80% off (too good to be true, right?) and promised a 2 night, 3 day stay including all meals in a secluded environment in the Waterberg.  

KK and I were lucky enough that when we booked, the days between Christmas and New Year were open and so we grabbed the opportunity to rest after the busy Christmas weekend.

What a surprise Bushman’s Hide turned out to be…

From the minute we arrived there, we were treated to 5-star treatment. Our luggage was carried to our luxury tent while we were ushered to the welcome area for a drink whilst our guide took us through the logistics and plans for the next two days. The difference is that, other than breakfast and supper times, we were free to do whatever we chose, we just had to inform the lodge of when and what it was.

So we acted like real honeymooners and chose to eat all meals at our room, booked a quad bike the following morning to view the game and decided to have a picnic, in the bush, followed by a massage (also in the middle of the bush).

The service at Bushman’s Hide is fantastic and even though they only have 4 tents (which means a maximum of 8 people can stay there at the same time) we totally felt as if we were the only ones there! The staff were at our beck and call the entire time.

Our bed got turned down at night with a little chocolate on our pillows and soft candles lit in the tent.

The best was the picnic in the bush, surrounded by nothing else but that zinging of insects and deafening silence, we read magazines and nibbled on cheese and biscuits until our masseuse arrived to give us both massages. In the bush!

The weather was overcast and on the 2nd day, we had light drizzle in the afternoon which was absolutely perfect for that afternoon snooze.

We had such a great time and with no cellphone reception (I know!) we were forced to do nothing else but read, sleep and relax.

It was wonderful!