Unfinished hobbies

kitten and bear cross stitch

Count your blessings cross stitchSecrets cross stitchI'd much rather do some cross stitchLillies in the water cross stitchThere are two things I hid from people when I was a young adult. The fact that I studied Library Science and the other is that I loved doing cross stitch. I always thought people would consider me a huge nerd. I mean, cross stitch isn’t the coolest of hobbies. It’s typically done by old grannies or librarians, right? Or so I thought.

But just the other day, KK and I were chatting about hobbies and that we don’t really have any. In between our daily stressful jobs, any spare time gets eaten up by running and training at the gym. I keep saying I need to make time to read, but then waste it all trawling my Facebook and Twitter timelines. I am ashamed to say that I have so many unfinished cross stitch kits packed away in the cupboard. Unpacking some of them rekindled that feeling of just how much I love cross stitching…

This was my very first kit which took me a day to complete. The bug had bitten. The cross stitch kit that started it all

 I really hope to go back and finish all the unfinished ones some day and maybe even have them framed and hung up all over my house with pride because you know what? I love cross stitch!cross stitch cross stitch nero cottons cross stitch at the beach the Lord's prayer cross stitch pattern and frame Cross stitch patterns three seasons cross stitch Patterns