My friends are hurting…

I suddenly realised the other day that my friends are hurting. They are sad. They are stressed out. Their hearts are shattered. They have the world on their shoulders. As much as they smile and laugh and try to cover up, deep down below the surface, they are all dealing with issues that are causing them great pain and unhappiness.

I sat down and wrote a list of what some of them are dealing with right now: Unhappy marriage, sick child, job strain, family crisis, unexplained body pains, unemployment, death of a loved one, depression, dying pet, relationship breakup, loneliness. It’s hectic!

These are serious, heavy issues. It’s no wonder a friend confided in me that she is too tired of it all and wishes she could just go sleep and never have to wake up again. 

I was once told that it is wrong to think that only some people are hurting and that everyone else is happy. Because deep down, every single person is dealing with that one issue that is consuming them all day (and night) long. It makes sense now. 

It hurts me to see my friends hurting, knowing that in most cases, there’s nothing I can do. It hurts me to know that for some of my friends, they see no solution, no positive outcome, no escape, no end in sight. 

If only my friends knew how much they get me through my day. If only they knew the strength they give me to carry on. If only they knew that the strain and stress of life is made that much more bearable, just by knowing that they are there for me.

We all hurt … if only they knew.


7 thoughts on “My friends are hurting…

  1. Stunning post young lady….yep everyone is battling something, it may be trivial to you, but not to them. Never judge, you can’t possibly understand everyone’s pain, but you can always be a friend. Glad to have you as one of mine!


  2. I relate to this. It spans broader to include everyone on this planet. As a wise person once told me, we need to cut each other some slack – the woman who cut in front of you in the traffic didn’t do it for fun – maybe her husband of however many years dropped the bombshell that he is leaving her just as she got ready for work! Some poets have even gone as far as proclaiming that to hurt is to prove that one is still alive – pain / hurt is part of life and what gets you through is a gentle smile from a colleague, a hug from a friend etc. I appreciate your smile, laughs and kind words Bron!


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