Silencing the addict

I’ll be the first to admit it – getting a Blackberry changed my life. It changed it in the most wonderful, but also destructive way.

It connects me… to work, to news, to old friends, to new friends, to celebrities, to communities… 24/7. No longer do I watch TV alone. I am the first to know of breaking news and events. I am connected to people I would never before have had any access to. 

But just as euphoric as it has been, I have became so accustomed to it being there, that when I do not have my phone with me, I go into total melt down. And no, I am not kidding.

I have developed a habit of checking my phone every 23 seconds, sometimes, every 7 seconds. I never log off Twitter. I read work emails over the weekend and will reply without hesitation. I wake up at 2am and check my Twitter time line. I hold it in my hand while i cook supper, I take it to the loo (overshare), and even check it during runs on the treadmill at gym.

In fact, when I see that little red light flashing, my heart skips a beat. I HAVE to check my phone and respond if necessary. (Blackberry addicts, you guys know what’s it like, right?) 

But here’s my dilemma. 

Soon, KK and I fly out to Europe for a 3 week holiday to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I have made the decision to leave my phone at home. For 3 weeks… No Twitter. No Facebook. No BBMs. No emails.

*gasp* I know!

My friends will know that this has not been an easy decision to make. In fact, KK and I have had many arguments as to “why” I would need to take my phone with me in the first place. For someone who isn’t on social media platforms, it’s difficult to explain.

It has nothing to do with not wanting to enjoy every second of my holiday with KK. It has nothing to do with the excitement of going away. But it’s about not being able to share every precious moment with those I have become so used to sharing everything with… 

I will be going from being connected to my virtual friends and chatting non-stop, to nothing. Silence. 

So, yes, this will be my last blog entry for a while. My Blackberry is currently in overdrive as I send as many tweets and RT’s as I possibly can. The withdrawals will come. I know that. And I will miss it.

But the only person I want to be talking to for the next 3 weeks is KK. Because in the bigger scheme of things, that’s who matters!

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