A weekend to remember

This weekend was one of the best I can remember in a long time and for no special reason other than I spent it with great people, doing the things I love to do.

Friday evening was spent having sundowners at Pirates Sports Club in Jo’Burg. It was the perfect end to a heavy week. Good laughs, awesome friends and the best burgers in town!

Saturday morning I attended a blogging workshop hosted by @TanyaKovarsky. Having gained some valuable tips and being able to share some of my fears with fellow bloggers has left me so inspired – all I want to do is blog!

(I did make a few changes to my blog on the weekend after the workshop. I hope you like them and would love your feedback.)

The rest of Saturday was spent shopping for Christmas presents. With a list in hand, we arrived at Sandton at 13h00 and left just after 19h30 with a car boot full of shopping bags. You seriously want to be on KK’s Christmas list. He does not hold back! Toys R Us love us!

I did manage to find the most adorable Christmas ornaments. Aren’t they just divine?!

(and they only cost me R50 each from that nicknack shop next to McDonalds in Sandton called Chefs ‘n Icers.)

I’ve placed them on my kitchen window sill to keep me company while I cook.

Sharing a pizza with KK at Andiamo in Fourways watching the people walk by doesn’t sound like much. But trust me, in my mind, it’s the perfect Saturday night date after a long day of shopping.

Try my favourite toppings next time you go: Haloumi, biltong, sundried tomatoes and avo. *drooling*

Sundays are our lazy day. We woke up. Had breakfast. Fell asleep again. Chillaxed around the house. Had a wonderful supper outside on the patio watching the sun set.


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