7 things you most probably didn’t know about me…

So the challenge came from @TanyaKovarsky’s blog www.dearmax.org to list 7 things about myself that you most probably didn’t know.

Okay, so here goes:

1. When I was growing up, I collected Pink Panthers. At one stage I had 27 of them and called them my ‘Pankies’. I still have a few in the garage that I really should donate to charity. It just breaks my heart to get rid of them. 

2. I was born a ginger, had blonde hair growing up, but now I am dark brunette.

3. I studied Information Science, which is really a fancy name for Librarianship. Yes, I like to wear my hair tied up in a bun and still remember the Dewey Decimal classification system.

4. I am an avid (closet) cross stitcher.

I really need to find time to do it. It truly is addictive and can keep me busy for hours.

5. I love documentaries. Especially about 9/11, The Kennedy’s and Man’s first flight to the Moon.

6. I never learnt to swim. I can do doggie paddle but never learnt to do crawl or backstroke or anything fancy. If I am totally honest, I am not really a water person at all.

7. Even though I have travelled to many exotic places, the Kruger Park and Namibia remain my two favourite places in the world! I was fortunate enough to spend a week quadbiking, 4X4’ing, sand boarding down the dunes in Walvis Bay and swimming with the dolphins two years ago. It’s a memory I will cherish forever!

Please share your 7 things with me! You’ll be amazed just how fascinating people find you!

I know I will….

4 thoughts on “7 things you most probably didn’t know about me…

  1. took me long enough, but here they are 😉

    1. I’m a divorcee. Yeap, that’s right. Been there, done that, wore the white dress. For shits & giggles, my maiden name is ‘van Tonder’

    2. At age 12 I obtained my black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

    3. In April this year, at age 28, I flew for the very first time. (Not counting 2009 where I went up in a small plane but didn’t come down with it). I followed that up with about 44hrs of flight time in Sept with my first overseas trip (not counting my 2008 trip to the Vic Falls in Zambia) See? I really am a small town gal 😉

    4. I simply can’t resist the Irish accent. Good thing I don’t bump into them often! One sentence & all resistance would crumble! @VCCreations is bringing me one next time she visits 😛

    5. I collect postcards. It’s something that started with me inheriting my grandad’s book collection years ago. He was an Engineer for Rand Water Board & traveled all over the world, sending post cards back home. I stuck all these postcards into an album & started adding more from my own traveling (within SA, Vic Falls trip & most recently Las Vegas, LA, Hollywood & DisneyLand). Guess I kinda thought it would be a cool thing to pass on through generations.

    6. I have 4 tattoos. I find tatts done for very personal reasons extremely sexy. My take on it: The. Right tatt, on the right person, in the right spot, for the right reason. In my case, it’s this whole process. Something major happens, with significant impact in my life, and then I start looking. Looking for something that’ll not only symbolizes said event, but has to appeal to my taste & ‘fit’ the chosen space on my skin. Then I change the design, has to be unique ;). This takes months, sometimes over a year. Its no rushed process.

    7. The stories behind some of my nicknames.

    Molly: Given to me by my Cuz @Rickdevilll for hurting my foot (whilst sober) at the beginning of my bro’s engagement party, then proceeding to get wasted till 2am, head bang to Metallica’s Whiskey in the jar on one foot holding onto a lapa pole for balance. Waking up at 4am to go hospital for some decent pain meds only to find out I had broken my foot in 3 places & would be operated on later that day. Whaaaat?! I’m not a doctor! How the hell was I supposed to know its broken??

    Vienna: Also given to me by @rickdevilll funny enough! As kids we made these stupid little rhymes with each other’s names. Eg. Tony Polony kan nie trou nie want hy’t nie n vrou nie. (Sorry for the souties that won’t get that!) Well mine was Leanna Vienna.

    Parra: One day I called my friend’s little girl Parra, and it stuck with her for some reason. Since then she’s called me that, I call her mom that, and she’s become Parratjie. Love her to bits!


  2. Agree with you on the Kruger Park and Namibia…my favourite holidays ever!

    A cross stitcher and librarian…Bron you are so mot gonna get away with that 😉


  3. These 7 things sure are interested to read. So few people can cross stitch or do it. So that is very interesting. You should show us some of your work. Would be nice to see.


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