Go to bed!

I don’t get enough sleep at night. There, I said it. It’s my own fault too! Even though we go to bed religiously by 21h30, KK falls asleep immediately while I sit behind my laptop reading blogs, surfing the net and tweeting, of course.

KK is constantly moaning at me because even though I switch the light off, the bright light from the laptop glares across the bedroom. The tick-tick-ticking of my fingers on the keyboard keeps him awake and I realise, it’s not fair on him.

I sometimes feel like a 2 year old, fighting it, not wanting to go sleep. And I have no idea why this is? It’s not as if I have I have nightmares or sleep badly.

Here’s the facts:  Not getting enough sleep can affect weight loss. No wonder I’m not losing weight! Sleep deprivation affects productivity at work. I’ll admit that I often wish I could grab that quick kitty nap on my desk when it gets to the afternoon shift.

The most important thing is that with my running training, it’s very important that my body gets to rest!

I know the facts, but come 23h30 at night, I’m still awake?

So…. I have made a promise to KK that I will try get to bed by at least 22h00 every night. It’s a start. No more late night blogging. No more tweets after this time. Just sleep.

To help, I’ve been taking melatonin at night. Boy! Those buggers knock me out, fully! The really are great! According to sleep experts, I need to get at least (!) 7 hours of sleep a night. This means that if I get to bed by 10, and wake up at 5:30, I’m good. Right?

Looking after my body is not only about taking my vitamins, going to the gym, eating healthily and drinking enough water. But with the amount of stress we live with, my body and my brain needs to sleep. Here’s to getting some good night’s rest!

I sure as hell need it!

2 thoughts on “Go to bed!

  1. The minute I get home I cant wait to go to bed – I get so sleepy the second I walk in the door!

    We are usually in bed by 20h00 – I know its so old people but we are up by 5h30 and with Jack anything can happen during the evening!

    But at the moment our evenings are chaotic and we are getting into bed later and later and Jack isnt sleeping so I am feeling tender most mornings!


  2. I too get mad at my hubby when his computer is still blaring after 22h00, cause it cause me to wake up every 30 min or so. That’s not good and like you say, rest is important to people like us who run.


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