What happened in the week of April 11th?

I was born during the month of April. The 11th of April to be exact. A couple of years ago, I noticed that ‘things’ happened on or around my birthday. Things that I would later in life remember about my birthday week. These are some that I remember most…

The assassination of Chris Hani – 10th April 1993: I was at the Rand Easter Show with friends the day before my birthday. Two of my friends were soldiers on a break from the army and were called to come back to service that day when the shocking news of Chris Hani’s assassination broke. The next day, my birthday was spent indoors listening to the news.

Hansie Cronje lied – 11th April 2000: On this day, Hansie Cronje was sacked as SA’s national cricket captain after confessing that he had not been “entirely honest” about match fixing. Hansie was my hero and my heart was broken! Watching him during the King Commission was even more difficult. I have never really enjoyed cricket since then and was saddened by his death two years later.

Ellis Park Stadium disaster – 11th April 2001: KK and I had just returned home from a birthday supper and I happened to switch on the TV. What I saw was ghastly as dead bodies were being laid out on the grass of the Ellis Park Stadium after a local soccer match between Kaiser Chiefs and Orlando Pirates. 43 supporters were crushed to death that day.

But it hasn’t always been bad memories….

My first Two Oceans Half Marathon – 11th April 2009: Such a special memory that is carved in my heart! The organizers made me feel extra special by surprising me with a Puma rucksack when I collected my race pack as well as printing my name in the Two Oceans magazine. But what made this race even more memorable is that after a break of 20 years, my dad ran the race too! I was so proud!

Can you remember anything special or memorable that happened on your birthday?

Please feel free to share your own thoughts, I love it when you do!

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