Is what I see, what you get?

I happened to attend a breakfast recently where 2010 Australian Masterchef runner-up, Callum Hann, was the guest.

Over cups of coffee and way too much chocolate, Callum did a cooking presentation to the crowd, wowing us with his knowledge of desserts and quirky local jokes.

His presentation focussed on a brief overview of what life has been like since the competition and his travels around the world. But it was his introduction that really made an impact on me.

Callum described how it was only after the competition when he watched re-runs of the show that he noticed that he had a lisp. I was gobsmacked! For those who may or may not remember Callum, the guy has a serious lisp! He went on to add that he also realised that he made weird and funny facial expressions when he got nervous. Seriously? How could he not know this? His face jumps all over the place!

But it left me wondering. Is there something about myself or something that I did that I was not aware of? Did I have a funny twitch? Did I make weird facial expressions? Or worse, a lisp! What if I have a lisp and cannot hear myself? Are there things I just don’t want to see?

I’ve sometimes watched my shadow when I run. I don’t have a graceful, relaxed look about my pace. I have caught myself slouching way too much during the day at my desk. My posture is terrible. And since primary school, I’ve also hated my knees. *knock knees will never be cool, unless I appear in an episode of Glee*.

Schucks, these are just things at the top of my head. What about the things I don’t see?

Wait… Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have an idea what else is quirky/weird/silly about myself. I already tend to give all the negative aspects of my life way too much attention. It’s better if I didn’t have anything more to stress about.

But for now, if I do lisp, please let me know!

(Google Images: Morgan deBoer)

2 thoughts on “Is what I see, what you get?

  1. When I meet you in person one day (hopefully soon!) I’ll definitely let you know if you lisp or not LOL

    My husband says I pull really strange faces when I blow dry my hair. Now that he has made me aware of it I catch myself in the mirror and I have to agree with him. I didn’t even realize I could make such weird faces!


  2. Haha! I’ve never heard of someone looking at their shadow when they run! I suppose if I was that trained and being the way I am, I’d probably also look! I recently got told at my previous job that I have the strangest mannerisms and facial expressions when I walk past the reception desk, lol! Luckily I was only there another few weeks, but my word – for those few weeks I didn’t know how to look when I walked past. I guess we all have our little weird things…but that’s what makes us unique! I loved watching MasterChef Austrialia…and was really rooting for Callum – he was one of my favourites 🙂


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