What do you hear when you run?

It’s great to see so many runners who run around my neighbourhood. On my runs, I will often count how many runners I pass – the number sometimes reaches 13!

The one thing I notice, however, is that some of them still run with iPods and earphones stuck in their ears. Besides the obvious traffic dangers associated with it, I wish I could stop them and point out just how much they are missing out on.

Things such as…

  • The birds. The beautiful sound of the doves and piet-my-vrou. The screeching of hadedas when they are forced to move out of your way.
  • The kids behind the high walls playing in the pool. The laughter and splashes of water.
  • The maids and security guards keeping watch and chatting on the grass.
  • The dogs that make the effort to stand at the gate and greet you. Some of them are grumpy, some are excited to see you. But it makes their day if you say hello back.
  • The sound of a lawnmower on a Saturday morning. Or the edge trimmer.
  • The sound of your running shoes hitting the tar.
  • The sprinkler systems.
  • The occasional moment you start talking out loud (we all do it!).
  • The buzzing of the insects as you pass the parks.
  • The loud engines of the 4X4 bakkies as they wind their way home.
  • The other runners greeting you.
  • But most importantly, the sound of your heart pounding in your ears when it feels like it will jump out of your chest when you’ve conquered that hill.

I know that the music gets you up those hills and takes your mind off some of the stresses of the day, but I guarantee you that if you leave the music at home for one day and appreciate your surroundings, filled with stunning sounds, it will change the way you experience your run. I promise!

8 thoughts on “What do you hear when you run?

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  2. I do a bit of both. Some days the thought of music in my ears when I run is unbearable and I only want to hear what’s happening around me in my hood. Other days I don’t think I would make it more than a hundred meters without the music propelling me forward. Oddly enough i find all my quickest runs and PB’s are when I run with music. So a little bit of both works for me. Lol this post made me want to reach for my takkies. 🙂


  3. I’ve never had any inclination to run. but now after this post I feel like taking a run just to listen to the above. I heard our neighbours mowing their lawn this afternoon and I specifically went to open our backdoor so I could let it all in, love that noise in particular 🙂


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