My idea of winning is different to yours.

I’ve got a problem with people who think I am uncompetitive. I am. In fact I am very competitive. I hate losing. But what I’ve faced my entire life is other people thinking that because I am not a pro at what I do, that I don’t want to win.

When I was in high school, I was in the B side of the netball team. Sometimes, I got pushed down to reserve for the B team because there were other girls who played better than me. At least I got to play.

When I left high school, I tried my hand at action cricket. I was dropped off the team because I couldn’t hit the ball. I guess that’s important, right?

A few years later, I played action netball with a group of friends. The team eventually asked me to leave because we weren’t winning our games and it was my fault. They refused to continue playing unless I left the team. (keywords: team & friends). I gracefully walked away even though it hurt me big time.

Lately at gym, when I am training with my personal trainer, she will often give me lighter weights than I (think) I am capable of lifting. In addition, she tells me to do all my push-ups on my knees. I feel like a real girl.

Just the other day, someone was telling me that on their very first run, they ran 6 minutes per km and questioned me about my running and if I was working my pacing out right. Seriously? After 4 years of running?

I’ve pretty much gone through my whole life being judged by other people who decide that I am not strong enough, fast enough, or good enough. Do they realise that I am giving it my best shot? Why is it that others presume that because I am not winning any games or races or running as fast as them that I am not wanting to win?

Maybe competing and winning means something completely different to me. Like not quitting when others don’t give me a chance?

4 thoughts on “My idea of winning is different to yours.

  1. I am also competitive – extremely so – but also show it in different ways. My mom will not compete unless the believes she will place in her age group. She can’t really understand how it is that I can just run. It is not that I don’t care where I come, or what my time is, but the goals are personal not reflective on the medal or what ever. Don’t get me wrong, if I manage to place anywhere I am very happy. And by place I mean top 3, or top 10, or top 20 in my age. I don’t even mind if I come dead stone last (which has happened on numerous occasions) but I still feel like I achieved something.


  2. Good. Don’t stop believing. I’ll never forget being coached by a former New Zealand cricket captain. We had some fellas come down to the nets after the 1992 World Cup. John Reid (coach) was so patient and happy that people took up cricket that we all welcomed and encouraged them. I’ll never forget that.


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