My high school reunion: Stepping back 20 years

I have always found it odd when people talk about their high school reunions. The discussion is usually about how they are dreading it and how much they hated people they went to school with. So when I got the invite to my 20 year reunion, I wasn’t too sure what to think. Was it really that bad as everyone made out to be?Invite

It’s not like I hated school. I didn’t have any bad experiences. I was well-liked by my teachers. I guess the thing that stood out for me the most was my friends. They’re the ones that made those years so fantastic and memorable.

Netball 2

The experiences with them was what played a part in how I viewed life when I left school 20 years ago and how I learnt to value friendship, trust and loyalty.

Me2So I went. Nervous as hell (especially since KK was away and I went alone). It was like stepping back in time… I could not stop smiling.

My bestie from school (and who still is) put together a slide show of everyone: what we all looked like in 1992, what we looked like now, what we were up to…

It was so cool. How weird to see that friends from school were now parents with kids and full time jobs and responsibilities!Reunion

I imagined that we would all be sitting around quizzing each other about our present day lives but it was not to be. All we could talk about were memories from school. Stories of rebellion, our favourite and worst teachers, whether or not our headmaster was still alive. It was awesome to laugh and remember back.

No one really cared who was a big shot director now. No one even bothered to ask where I worked. It wasn’t even about who had put on weight, who had gone bald and who had/had not aged well. When we looked at each other’s faces, we saw the 18 year olds we knew from 1992.Bestie

I am so glad I went. It’s the latest I got home from a party in a long time and was on a high for so long. A part of me is happy to have seen all those faces and friends, but a part of me is sad that time is flying by so quickly. So much has happened during those 20 years. Ups and downs. We are sadly not the young, innocent, carefree youth we were then.

But for one evening, we most definitely were!

12 thoughts on “My high school reunion: Stepping back 20 years

  1. it really was a beautiful evening, reading your post today was a wonderful reminder of the night. I realised that even at schoolm I was surrounded by some incredible people.



  2. It was awesome, my only criticism is that it was just one short night, it was impossible to spend any real time with everyone and exchange memories and catch-up. We should have had a lazy braai in a park the next day, or maybe even met up at the school for a tour of the old place where we could spend more time reminiscing and chatting.

    Was lovely to see you, if only for such a short time.


    • I agree. The next day it felt like we should be getting together again and I think others would also want to. maybe in a few weeks time, we should send out an open invite to meet somewhere for a braai at a park or something… Also great to see you Mac! So humble for someone who’s made such a success of themselves!


  3. Awesome – I was there and you were one of the Belles, Love your humor and smile. What a great night and you are dead right – it was all about the 18 year olds we were. And still secretly wish we were in some ways some times. Love your work – 🙂


  4. It sounds like you had a brilliant night of catching up with old friends.
    I actually can’t wait for ours! It will be coming up in 3 years time. I actually also can’t believe that it’s been almost 20 years since high school. It makes me feel old 🙂


  5. We had ours last year. Of the 31 kids of the Ixopo Class of 1991 one had passed on and 12 live overseas. On two peeps could not make it.

    So it was a small get together braai drink and talk crap. But the same theme. Nobody cared about rank and file so long as you were ok.

    PS your smile is the same as it was 20 years ago.

    Great story keep it going.


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