Keeping up with the (dog) walkers

With full time jobs, gym sessions twice a week with a personal trainer, running training and weekly races, I really feel guilty that I don’t get time to walk my dogs more often. So when we were on leave in December, KK and I managed to take the girls down to their favourite park.

Kingfisher Park2In the park

It’s a great park which is always full of dogs chasing balls and going crazy…The walkers

The view is spectacular and watching the sun start to set is beautiful…The view

Annie and Emma, ready to go…The girlsWatching the other dogs

Emma is always nervous and as soon as we sit down, she’ll sit on my lap…Emma on my lap, hiding from the big dogs

Other dogs trying to make friends, but my girls always wary…making friends  tooSniffing dogs

The best photo of the day… with their dad! xxxKK with the girls - I love this pic!

4 thoughts on “Keeping up with the (dog) walkers

  1. Where is Kingfisher park? Never heard of it before!

    And what breeds are your dogs, they are so cute and hilarious at the same time. I would laugh the whole day at those faces!


    • Kingfisher Park is in Norscot Manor, close to Douglasdale and off Leslie Rd. It’s also quite spacious so big dogs can really run wild. My two girls are Brussel Griffons. Quite a rare breed which we got from a breeder in Durbs. We first spotted them in that movie ‘As good as it gets’. They are typical house/lapdogs. The park is quite overwhelming for them. Poor little gremlins! (ps: thanks for reading my blog!)


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