#TeamGarwood shows what Iron Man is all about

I woke up on Sunday morning knowing full well that it was the Half Iron Man taking place in East London. Not only was my personal trainer taking part but also quite a few of my twitter friends. But it was this tweet that caught my attention as I scanned my time line for updates:


I’ve seen the many inspirational videos on YouTube of other triathletes who had done similar things in the USA. But this was different. It was the first time I had seen something like this done by a South African. I was then alerted to their website and came across their video:

(Their inspiring story is here: http://www.teamgarwood.co.za/)

Throughout the day, @cheviot_publish kept everyone up to date with her tweets of @teamgarwood’s progress. The 1.9km swim, the 90km cycle and the 21.1km run. Here are some of her photos she took as she spotted them:TeamGarwood

Too often, I waste time moaning about my running. I’m too slow, I’m too heavy, my feet hurt. Even on this particular morning, I had decided to sleep in because it was drizzling and I didn’t feel like running in the rain. But then I watch what Kevin is doing with his son Nicholas and there are no words to describe how inspiring their story is.

Well done on your finish guys! For me, that’s what Iron Man is all about!

(ps: Congrats to the other Iron Man medal holders @pamiejane, @Scott_Tait, @Beanker, @TP1011, @KateKearney, and of course, my trainer, Janique!)

4 thoughts on “#TeamGarwood shows what Iron Man is all about

  1. Thank you. And it was amazing to see them racing and to see the reactions of all the athletes around them. One group of guys that ran past them was especially touching, as they ran past all the guys lifted their caps to them. So sweet.


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