My blog has been silent and yet I have so much to share!

My blog has been pretty quiet lately. It’s not that I have nothing to share. Quite the opposite in fact! I’ve been busy. Very busy!

Here’s what’s been happening:

  • We bought a small business. What an eye opener this has been! It’s taken us ages to sort things out. From bank accounts, merchant accounts, web development, ordering stock, waiting for the stock to arrive. It’s been such a learning experience, full of ups and downs. We wanted to wait until we were ready to start telling everyone and sharing our news, but that seems to be taking forever! So here it is: We’re officially the distributors for CW-X in Southern Africa! *Squeal*
  • Running your own social media content plan for your own business takes time! Most weekends and weekday evenings, I’m sitting down writing posts and creating content. The Instagram account is live (go check it out!) but we’re reluctant to get going on Facebook until our website is ready & people can purchase stock. Want to help me? If you do wear CW-X and have any photos showing the running kit, please can you share those with me. I’d much rather show real athletes (that’s you!) than posed models in the kit.

    This is us both in our CW-X clothes at Parkrun. We might need to work on our posing. LOL

  • Like almost 90% of Jo’burgers, I got bronchitis and was out of action. It took forever to heal, two visits to the Doc, daily nebulizing, lots of sleep (read: Allergex). Then out of the blue, I get shingles. On my face! WTH? 3 weeks of misery has taught me two lessons. One: listen to my body. Read bullet point number one. It’s been a stressful time! Lesson number two: when you can’t run, your body had no way of de-stressing. You get even more niggly. I acknowledge the huge role running does play in my life & will try not complain about my running again.
  • I have been on a mission to help an after care centre in Kliptown called Izanokhanyo Community Based Project get SnapScan so that donations can be easier as well as kickstart their social media so that we can start telling their story. Let me tell you, it’s made me incredibly happy inside to help. It’s early days but here’s holding thumbs I can help make a difference! I’d love your help! I’ll let you know how soon!

    Helen, who runs Izanokhanyo without a salary, handing out sweet to the kids.

  • I’ve been successful in my application to be part of a pilot project kicking off at work. All new. Unknown. Virgin territory. Exciting as hell but I’m also nervous. But after climbing in & assisting with some of the project management for the last couple of weeks, I’ve proven to myself that I am capable of learning & trying something new. Doing this nowadays at work needs to be the norm.
  • My Dad’s partner Rina passed away too. It’s funny how you think you have time and you discuss illness and old age and plans on what to do if this happens and if that happens. But when things do happen, no one is quite prepared. Everyone grieves differently. Each person says goodbye in their own way. I’m glad we’re spending more time with my Dad. I wish my parents stayed closer.

Everything I’ve mentioned above happens for a reason and at the right time. The delays in getting our business up and running gave me more time to spend with my Dad. Getting sick slowed me down and forced me to rest and take stock of what mattered. What mattered was helping Izanokhanyo in my spare time and not using that time for reading work emails. And yet I was rewarded by getting the job at work.

I’m going to make more time to blog too. This one was long. If you made it to here, the key take out is that I’m fine, I’m excited and yes… I’m still running! We’ve got Run-The-Berg (or in my case with limited training Walk-The-Berg) coming up, Kaapsehoop and Otter.

Can’t wait for that purple carpet to line the streets!

By the way, the jacarandas are starting to bloom. It’s the most beautiful time to be outdoors! Go for that run!

The clouds that follow me

Our camera club theme for the month of January was clouds. What an awesome theme, right? Who hasn’t taken that shot of the breathtaking sunset after work or the majestic sun rise on an early morning drive to work? That perfect pic just before the storm or the incredible view of the clouds over a calm sea.

It was hard to decide which of my photos to submit for camera club. Everyone’s submissions were incredible and it was really tough to choose our top 3 photos.

Since then, not a day goes by without me looking up to the sky to notice the clouds. Not once have I been disappointed either. Sometimes I gasp at the beauty. Other days, they speak to me and match my mood of the day, be it stressed, anxious or happy. They’re there. Bold, loud or calming. 

Here’s a selection of some of my favourite ones.

Make sure you look up and marvel at the clouds that follow you around. You won’t regret it. Tag me in some of those pics you share on social media!

Secret angels

You get all types of people who run races. The serious few who stand at the front of the starting line and sprint out ahead. The casual Joe who mills at the back of the pack and who takes the run in his stride. The newbies, the grannies and yes, even the walkers. But there are a few runners who, in my eyes, are like secret angels when they run. You’ll know who I’m talking about…

The guy with the tambourine who taps out a jingle for 21kms. The jokers who point out arb things throughout the duration of the race to make other runners silently giggle. The pacesetters with their music strapped to their backs to sing out regular tunes to ensure the kilometres peel away.

In fact there are two specific individuals who never fail to give me that extra oomph in my feet. The one angel runner claims to always look out for my blue cap. He usually catches me on the first kilometre and will trot along at my pace for a few meters and make chit-chat. The other will come from behind usually singing my name for all to hear… “Brooooonnnnwynnneeee…..”  I recognise him immediately. In those few minutes of running alongside me, they fill me with such motivation, their words are so incredibly uplifting and encouraging, and it’s that extra energy that pulls me along.


I was thinking about that bunch of angels today. I longed for one of them to walk past my desk and throw out some of that awesome support. I needed it. All it takes is one word, one pat on the back and one smile to help someone get through to the end of the day. I hope my angels don’t stop being so special when the race ends because the world needs people like them. At races both on and off the field.

*A blog post dedicated to @CraigBeePee and @BiggestBossFan*

(Image: Google)

#TeamGarwood shows what Iron Man is all about

I woke up on Sunday morning knowing full well that it was the Half Iron Man taking place in East London. Not only was my personal trainer taking part but also quite a few of my twitter friends. But it was this tweet that caught my attention as I scanned my time line for updates:


I’ve seen the many inspirational videos on YouTube of other triathletes who had done similar things in the USA. But this was different. It was the first time I had seen something like this done by a South African. I was then alerted to their website and came across their video:

(Their inspiring story is here:

Throughout the day, @cheviot_publish kept everyone up to date with her tweets of @teamgarwood’s progress. The 1.9km swim, the 90km cycle and the 21.1km run. Here are some of her photos she took as she spotted them:TeamGarwood

Too often, I waste time moaning about my running. I’m too slow, I’m too heavy, my feet hurt. Even on this particular morning, I had decided to sleep in because it was drizzling and I didn’t feel like running in the rain. But then I watch what Kevin is doing with his son Nicholas and there are no words to describe how inspiring their story is.

Well done on your finish guys! For me, that’s what Iron Man is all about!

(ps: Congrats to the other Iron Man medal holders @pamiejane, @Scott_Tait, @Beanker, @TP1011, @KateKearney, and of course, my trainer, Janique!)