A day off..

When a public holiday falls on a Monday, there’s nothing better than enjoying a looooong weekend. Believe it or not, I did plan my day. My plan was to do as little as possible and I stuck to my word.

I slept lekker late…

Sleepy head

and spent the entire day with my feet up…

Slipperskeeping an eye on my bird feeder, watching the birds nattering away…

Bird feedertaking time to admire the flowers in my garden in the warm Jozi sun…

liliesstarving myself for that afternoon braai…

Braaiand ending off snuggling on the couch in front of Grey’s Anatomy.

10 / 10 for a perfect day!

5 thoughts on “A day off..

  1. Hey..

    Love your day, also watched the feeder this weekend. And wish my Arum would flower, when I can get all 3 outdoor Orchids to flower..;). ( But no Lily ! )
    And had to think of u when we r also trying Skyfall again tonight.
    Have a good week !


    • My theory on Skyfall is that nothing excites us anymore. We are so used to action and thrills that it’s become difficult for Bond to wow us. And we aren’t caught by the little gimmicks as we were back in the ‘good old days’. Here’s to a short week! Yay!


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