Halleluyah! I’ve lost weight!

I’ve been nervous to blog about it. Hesitant that perhaps things will change and I’ll look stupid. I’ve been worried that it’s a phase so I kinda down play it a lot. I keep thinking it’s a dream… 

I’ve always been a ‘healthy’ eater. But the frustration of eating salads, fruit & veggies, cutting out carbs and training / running 5 times a week did nothing to budge my weight. Frustrated, bloated and irritated, on the 5th March, I decided to stop listening to everyone and give the Dukan Diet (which I had scoffed at before) a bash.

Dukanning was interesting. It gave me a framework and some guidelines on how to restrict certain foods. But it was only after reading Gary Taubes’ book called, “Why we get fat” , that I started to analyse what I was putting in my mouth.


So I stopped the Dukan Diet and started experimenting with foods. I realized that almost everything I was eating was loaded with sugar, especially the loads of fruit that I was eating daily. Suddenly, just by changing what I ate, the weight started to drop off. Rapidly!


I have never had so much energy before, especially when it comes to my running! (Love him or hate him, but Dr Tim Noakes is right!) I also have no bloating. I’ll repeat that. I am not bloated anymore! I have suffered with Ulcerative Colitis since 1998 and this is the first time I have felt healthy. I don’t stress when I eat out and I’m enjoying my food.

I feel as if I finally have control over my weight. I understand what food does to my body and I know how to make good food choices. So yes, I’m finally admitting it.

I’ve lost weight.

A lot of weight in such a short time. I’m wondering if 9kgs lighter will help me run faster? It’s worth a shot, right? I’m still too nervous to post before and after pics. Maybe one day!

13 thoughts on “Halleluyah! I’ve lost weight!

  1. Firstly well done! Secondly can I be the bearer of the good news. Of course running 9kg lighter will make you run faster. That is why top runners are mostly small and petite. Google a McMillan calculator or similar and you can even get an estimate of how much quicker for a specific distance. Good Luck.


    • No ways! Yeah, UC sufferer since 1998! Lately I’ve found cutting out all fruit and sugar has really helped me. Less gas too :-D! Thx for reading my blog! Glad I came across yours!


  2. Interesting, that’s the second time this week I’ve heard about this book. I think it’s a sign that I must definitely check it out.

    Congrats on the weight loss, may the few kilo’s be followed by reinforcements, and stay off 😀


    • Oh you *must* read it! 🙂 Definitely a sign. Yip, keeping the weight off will hopefully be easy if i see this as a change in eating for ever, not just for now. Holding thumbs.


    • Pretty much all fruit! I used to eat almost 5 fruits a day and loads of pumpkin/gem/butternut veggies. Now I only eat berries, strawberries and mainly green veggies.


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