Secret angels

You get all types of people who run races. The serious few who stand at the front of the starting line and sprint out ahead. The casual Joe who mills at the back of the pack and who takes the run in his stride. The newbies, the grannies and yes, even the walkers. But there are a few runners who, in my eyes, are like secret angels when they run. You’ll know who I’m talking about…

The guy with the tambourine who taps out a jingle for 21kms. The jokers who point out arb things throughout the duration of the race to make other runners silently giggle. The pacesetters with their music strapped to their backs to sing out regular tunes to ensure the kilometres peel away.

In fact there are two specific individuals who never fail to give me that extra oomph in my feet. The one angel runner claims to always look out for my blue cap. He usually catches me on the first kilometre and will trot along at my pace for a few meters and make chit-chat. The other will come from behind usually singing my name for all to hear… “Brooooonnnnwynnneeee…..”  I recognise him immediately. In those few minutes of running alongside me, they fill me with such motivation, their words are so incredibly uplifting and encouraging, and it’s that extra energy that pulls me along.


I was thinking about that bunch of angels today. I longed for one of them to walk past my desk and throw out some of that awesome support. I needed it. All it takes is one word, one pat on the back and one smile to help someone get through to the end of the day. I hope my angels don’t stop being so special when the race ends because the world needs people like them. At races both on and off the field.

*A blog post dedicated to @CraigBeePee and @BiggestBossFan*

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