An Easter holiday to remember

It’s unbelievable how time flies! A month ago, we were packing to head down to Cape Town and run Two Oceans. Flicking through the photos reminded me about the wonderful time we had.

We flew down engulfed in the most gorgeous white fluffy clouds…

Taking a flight above the clouds

Like typical Vaalies, we headed down to the beach…

At the beach

And we took one or two many sunset photos…

Sunsets collage

We went to some of the most beautiful wine farms…

Wine farms

We ate *way* too much food…

Ate too much

…even picnicked.

Picnic 2Picnic

And of course, we drank *ahem*.

DrinksWe also took time to relax.

Spa treatment

But I guess the main reason for the trip was the Two Oceans marathon and half marathon races. KK ran his first full ultra and did an excellent time! But after a gap of 2 years, I finally (!) conquered my fear of the half marathon and finished under three hours. I was elated! Good training & exercising of the mind & body did the trick I think. Thank you Cape Town! See you again next year…

Two Oceans

8 thoughts on “An Easter holiday to remember

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  2. My husband is convinced I will be doing a half ocean with him next year… I’m a little, Ok, a lot, terrified of that thought!


  3. Well, well done – brilliant – is KK running comrades this year? The best part of this is you overcoming your fears – luv it. Also ran my first Ultra this year 😄


    • Your first ultra? How was it? Yip, KK’s Comrades training in full force. He tapers from this week. It’s been quite hectic but he is ready.


      • It was great (a 5:28 TO) but also the hardest and toughest thing I have ever done. Just thinking about the big C next year. How many km’s did KK get up to in his top weeks for Comrades training? I am trying to work out if I can get enough mileage in to give it a go.




        • KK followed a program he found in the runners world but he keeps saying he isn’t sure he’s done enough. It consisted mainly of runs on tues, thurs and sat, sun. Some hill work. In this last month, lots of 2 hr and 3hr runs. The furthest was his Oceans ultra. Well done on your time! That’s a great time! 5:28!


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