Ironman 70.3 – 7 hours of emotion in a couple of photos

At 07h40 on the morning of 25th January, the tweet I posted went like this: “Breaking out into tears as hubby runs into the ocean. Nothing prepares you for this much emotion! #IM703SA” No words can express the ups and downs of the Standard Bank Ironman 70.3 in East London, so I decided to choose some of my favourite pics to share with you instead.

IMG_6998IMG_7122IMG_7011 IMG_7017 IMG_7050 IMG_7085 IMG_7080 IMG_7079 IMG_7063 IMG_7058Ironman 2015 051 Ironman 2015 072 IMG_7141 IMG_7137 IMG_7134 IMG_7133 IMG_7132 IMG_7127 IMG_7116 IMG_7103Ironman 2015 150 IMG_7295 Ironman 2015 054

Well done Karl! I am in awe of your strength and determination. I love you Ironman!

4 thoughts on “Ironman 70.3 – 7 hours of emotion in a couple of photos

  1. Some great photos there, helped me relive some of the emotions I had on the day too seeing them over again 🙂

    Congrats Karl! 😀


  2. Congratulations to Karl, an outstanding effort. Is he doing Comrades this year? I have signed up but am filled with dread and fear (ok just fear) 😦


    • Yup, he’s signed up for Comrades. I think anyone who doesn’t have that feeling of fear for Comrades doesn’t take the race seriously enough. You need to respect Comrades and have that fear! But it’s a good fear! 🙂 And there’s still loads of time to train your mind because that’s where most of the hard work takes place – in your head!


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