A surprise delivery 

So I’ll admit that even though we’ve lived in the same complex for over 10 years and even with KK as head of the homeowners association, we don’t really know our neighbors. Yeah, so we give the occasional wave when some of them drive passed and we sometimes spy on watch when they go walking their dogs on a Sunday afternoon but in general, we mind our own business.

But when old man Trevor died earlier this year from a brain tumor and we only heard about it one month later, we really felt bad. I mean, how did we not know? I remember being woken up one Saturday morning at about 4am from a loud commotion of family outside his house. After that day, we never saw him again and only heard that he was ‘sick’. Did we not suspect something was wrong with all the kids visiting so often? And the garden outside not being taken care of? Why did we not pop around and ask? Sorry Trevor and Miriam.

So last Saturday when we arrived home from shopping, we found a basket outside our gate. A basket filled with avos from our neighbor Jason (on the other side) with a note saying we should enjoy the avos from their tree. 

We were blown away! What an awesome gesture! Especially since majority of people in our complex are just like us and keep to themselves. It reminded me that such a small and simple act can do wonders and make you want to do something back in return. 

It also showed that sometimes an acknowledgement can come in a different way, it doesn’t have to be conversation. This gesture spoke a 1000 words. Thanks neighbor! Thanks Jason and family. The avos are amazing! 

6 thoughts on “A surprise delivery 

  1. Hmmm…. the title of your post had me a tad worried on your behalf 😉

    The truth is we South Africans to tend to be a little insular, at the risk of generalizing. Agree with your sentiments though.

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  2. Daniel and I are guilty of the same thing. We keep to ourselves and Pixel has made more friends than we have! Seriously, when we’re outside with her, people will say hi to and then say “Hello, Pixel!” Our cat has more friends than we do – sad.

    Super sweet gesture from your neighbour! I hope the avos are yum!

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  3. So nice! We had a discussion the other day about neighbours and how for some reason it just is not normal to go borrow sugar anymore like in the ‘old days’ if you have run out. We recently moved house and I must say it has been a great excuse to get to know our new neighbours! Such a nice act leaving the avos!

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