Switching off

When KK and I were down in Durban for the Comrades, we took the time to relax and enjoy being away from all the mad rush of Jo’burg and work. On the first evening we went for supper, my phone was flat and so I left it in the hotel room to charge. I felt lost for the first hour or so but once we started to eat and wind down, I realized that I wasn’t going to die! *dramatic, I know*

The morning afterwards, I left it in the hotel room again. It wasn’t planned or even discussed, but I started to leave my phone in the room every time we’d go have a meal. After the first day, KK did the same.

There was never a flood of urgent messages when we returned to the room. Nobody phoned us and we never needed to return any calls. Conversations on social media platforms carried on without us regardless.

What we did notice is that we became a lot more conscious of everything around us, the people, the food, the music. We spoke more, we connected. And it just got better at each and every meal. We did more ‘people watching’ and giggling at private jokes. We ate slower and took time to sit for longer at the dinner table. Long moments of sighing and smiling and letting go…

Sunset photo (yaken before we went for supper)

A photo of the beautiful setting sun I took before we walked down for supper without our phones, hence the reason why I don’t have any photos of us actually at the restaurant.

It was the feeling of freedom and escapism that I reveled in the most. For 6 days, I was able to walk away from the madness living in my phone, the opinions, the stories and all the noise. I allowed myself to shut off.

I’d love to say I was able to do so after the trip but that never happened. But what I have done is made sure that I pack my phone away in my bag when we go out to eat. I consciously try & make that effort. (after I’ve taken my Instagram and Zomato pic, of course). You should try it!