Sundays are my Fundays!

During our December break last year, we managed to spend quite a few arb weekends lazing around the pool the entire day doing nothing; and I mean absolutely nothing! It was glorious! I recall telling KK that I would really miss it when we went back to work and normality kicked into gear from January. But he challenged me saying, well, why must things change? We can still make time for lazy weekends next to the pool during the year can’t we?

So it’s not exactly a New Year’s Resolution, but a promise I made to myself that I would try as often as I could to ensure that we still spend those lazy Sundays at the pool, lying in the sun, braai’ing, listening to music and truly enjoying the weekend. I’m proud to say we’ve stuck to it. As Autumn creeps into our lives, I know that the weekends are limited in terms of sunning ourselves for hours outside. But I’m glad we did. I’m even prouder to admit that I swam. Often!

Sundays2 Sundays3Sundowners Sundays4 Sunshine1 Sundays1Oh look, it’s Friday again. Hello weekend! Hello pool! Hello sun! Hello fun!

Happy weekend everyone!

ps: okay Autumn, we’re ready for you.

The story of our pool

We’re in the process of having our pool repaired. After 9 years, it is looking grubby and needs to be re-marbelited. Tiles have chipped away, mould has appeared in the corners of the pool, the filter is cracked and needs replacing. Even our pool net is looking tired.

Pool 2004 - 2007

Every time I think of how long we have lived in our house, I tend to default in my head to 6 or 7 years but if I calculate it correctly, we moved in to our house in 2003, a full ten years ago! Without realizing it, so much has changed. So much has happened…

10 years ago, we had no plants in our garden, no trees. Today our garden is overgrown with beautiful tall trees. 10 years ago, we had no pets. Today we have two Brussel Griffons which fill our hearts with love and bring us joy.

10 years ago, our patio was uncomfortably tiny and hardly fitted a 6-seater table and chairs. Today, our outside living area is fantastic since we extended the patio. Our neighbors have changed a few times. Their families have grown and instead of prams, we now see toddlers running up and down the street.

I remember 10 years ago when I hosted book club at my house. Sadly, our ‘So Much of Books’ book club doesn’t exist today and the stories of how the lives of each of those women has changed is a blog post of its own.

10 years ago, I could not run for 20 seconds without stopping to catch my breath. I had never entered a race and never belonged to a gym. I hated running! But yet today, I attribute many of the challenges and fears I’ve faced to my running.

Pool 2010 - 2012Yes, so much has changed. It’s time for a fix and some new memories!