Running through June

June truly was a month of highs and more highs! From the euphoria of Comrades, to making memories on overseas holidays and finally getting back into a routine with a new running programme, it feels as if I am ready to give the second half of 2017 a good go. It’s crazy just how quickly the months are flying by. We’ve even booked our accommodation for one of our favourite races in November, Kaapsehoop. It’ll be race day before we know it. See you there?

1. KK successfully finishes his 4th Comrades marathon! Two days later, we jet set off to Germany for a much needed break!  2. Depeche Mode “Global Spirit Tour” concert! It was amazing!  3. Falling in love with Munich.  4. The Berlin Wall.  5. Memorial to the Murder of Jews in Europe was heartbreaking to visit.  6. Running Parkrun with family.  7. Annie & Emma come home from staying at my parents. Annie has recovered from pancreatitis.  8. Finding a new running route from the office through the beautiful suburbs.  9. Back to lazy Sundays & feeding the birds.

Running through my weeks…

Running Moments

1. Running with Denise, tongues synchronized  2. Motivational quotes  3. Watching the beautiful sunrise before the race starts  4. Running ‘Slow Poke’ buddies  5. Running Junkies at track  6. Sorting out my running clothes  7. Photo shoot for my new blog header  8. Running funnies  9. Cooling my feet off after the run

Running through my weeks…

Running through my weeks

1. Beach holidays – Umhlanga. 2. Annie’s mouth after breakfast – cuteness overkill. 3. Wine after a busy week – one word: relax. 4. Dad’s old shoes. 5. Track training through Winter – I’ve got this! 6. Sweet temptations at work. 7. Cocktails on the deck at Hyde Park. 8. Slippers – best invention ever! 9. Romantic suppers with KK.


Running through my weeks…

Sept 2013

1. Early morning race entries at Wits Kudus. 2. Delicate cupcakes baked by a colleague. 3. Annie & Emma acting like two lounge lizards. 4. Home-made cashews, almonds, sunflowers seeds, pumpkin seeds & goji berry snack. 5. Annuals finally flowering in my garden – Hello Spring! 6. The view of the Drakensberg mountains on a hike. 7. …followed by a beautiful Drakensberg sunset. 8. Bridal shower fun. 9. Baby meringues from Moemas.