To be honest, not every long run is long

I’ve been slacking. I’ve been slacking on my training schedule and on Sunday, I felt it. It hurt.

According to my training schedule from my Coach, my Sunday long runs need to be between 15kms and 18kms. But I’ve only been running a maximum of 10kms on Sundays. In my head, I’ve been telling myself that 10kms is still pretty good. I mean, it’s Winter and I’m out there, running, way more than I typically run during Winter. I was doing good, right?

There are a couple of half marathon races coming up in August so I decided to do a proper long run on Sunday. The plan was 15kms. Off I trekked with the Randburg Harriers Sunday running group, route map in hand, fresh legs, big smile. It went well until we hit the 13kms mark. Then it started to hurt. Big time!

Regardless of the weekday track sessions and Thursday 8km time trials, I knew in my head that I had not run that far in ages. And I felt it. I dawned on me that I had not been following my training schedule properly and that even though 10kms was a great distance, it wasn’t helping my goals of running my 21km races any faster. I was so not prepared for the distance.

My legs felt tired for the rest of the day (such an awesome feeling though) and I could feel the run had been some good training on my whole body. But no more short runs. I need to get back into it and be more disciplined. Spring is coming! Thank goodness too because things are so much easier in the Summer. Especially running.


Running in a digital world

In my world of digital marketing, I’ve been learning about website analytics. One of the coolest terms I’ve been exposed to recently is “success events” on websites. In layman’s terms, this is the tracking of activity when people come to your website and the actions they take.

These so-called success events could be anything from clicks on a login button, completion of a shopping cart journey, filling out an application form or simply spending time on the site. You define what those success events are for your specific site. (Okay, enough geek talk.)

So it was on this morning’s run that I decided to define those success events and ticked each one off in my head as I went along.

  • Getting out of bed to go run. This must be the biggest success event of them all! That negotiation that goes on in your head whether or not to lie in or go for a run is a toughie most weekends.
  • Running the 1st kilometre without walking. From my gate to the swimming school is a bit of a pull and the urge to walk is strong. Good job this morning Bron.
  • Getting through the security boom through Norscot Manor. The guard is very strict and usually doesn’t even allow runners (I know!) to head through the boom unless you specify an address. Dude, I Googled a few options long ago! Boom lifted.
  • Running the 4th kilometre at a pace of 7:15 minutes. Nice! I wonder if some of that speed work at the gym is paying off?
  • Using my cool down time to walk the dogs around my complex as soon as I got home. Bonus!  They We loved it!

Check box

All in all, my report looked good this morning. Great run! Success!