Every runner needs to rest

When KK and I were invited by our close friends to spend a long weekend with them and some others at a holiday camp called Lindani in the Waterberg, we jumped at the opportunity. We never really take any long weekend breaks and decided it might be a good idea to take advantage of the December 16th long weekend.

With a car boot packed full of food, drinks and cozzies, off we went…

Lindani is a 3800ha game farm in the Waterberg 275kms north of Johannesburg situated on the Palala and Melk rivers. It has eight secluded houses and lodges, each with its own pool. We hired out Motseng, which is 4 lodges, sleeping 18 people.

Our days comprised of nothing else but eating, sleeping, laughing and relaxing…





We had all intentions of running and even took our running kit with us. But the running shoes stood at the door and the Energades on ice. We were just too relaxed to run. I guess every runner needs that once in a while…

7 thoughts on “Every runner needs to rest

  1. wow!! This post is like watching an advert for a delicious chocolate when you are on diet. So tempting, mouthwatering. Awesome lady. Love the pic with the flip flops on the wooden walkway.


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