I found a coach! (or rather, he found me!)

My Christmas present arrived early this year.


In early December, I received a Twitter DM (direct message) from one of my followers informing me that he was a running coach and asked if I would be interested in some coaching. Are you kidding me? Of course I was interested! However, being the sceptic that I am, I didn’t take it too seriously. In fact, I told no one.


Reason being is that I don’t have the best of luck when it comes to finding coaches. After missing the cut-off for a Two Oceans half marathon medal by a mere 6 minutes in 2010, I decided my only hope was to find myself a running coach. However, finding a coach proved to be quite challenging. I was either met with the excuse that it was too close to Comrades for anyone to take on my cause or that my running pace was so slow (8 mins/km) that I would slow the other runners down.


I Googled for names, searched local running sites, phoned running clubs with no luck. In the end, I landed up with a personal trainer at the gym who specialises in sports science and who was willing to work with me.


That was May 2010 and it’s now December 2011 and even though I managed to do a PB and get my Two Oceans medal in April this year, I still run at the same pace.


Yes, I feel much stronger and my core muscles are strong. And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my gym workouts. But I am still slow. The ‘walkers’ are still able to finish races well before me.


So yes, you bet I am interested in any running coaching!


As a typical Information Scientist librarian, I did my homework and discovered that this man came highly recommended, was known in running circles and knows his stuff.


But his credential was not what impressed me and got me hooked. It’s his motivation and belief in me.


From day one, he has spoken to me as if I am the New York marathon champion. He believes in me and makes me believe in myself. He has mapped out a training schedule and a planned goal of where I can be in the next four months. All he expects is dedication and hard work. Trust me, he’s a no-nonsense kinda guys too!


I secretly think the name of my blog “Keeping up with the walkers” bugs him. One of the first things he told me is that running at my pace is for old tannies. *ahem*


Anyhow, so I’m going in to 2012 not only with a renewed dedication to running but with butterflies in my stomach. My head is telling me that I am capable. My legs already feel like jelly after two days of training (mainly because I haven’t done squat for weeks and my belly is full of gammon) but what an awesome goal to work towards. I’m so excited!

Thanks Eldi!

6 thoughts on “I found a coach! (or rather, he found me!)

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  2. WOW, what an awesome way to start the new year. I’m looking forward to following your progress and reading more of your person anecdotes.
    Happy New Year Bron


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