Bush getaway to remind me of my youth

When we were growing up, we never went to the sea on holiday. For us, family holidays meant my dad’s 4X4 bakkie pulling a Jurgens caravan through the Kruger National Park. On a recent weekend away to Madikwe Game Reserve I was reminded of some of those wonderful memories. I always realised that those holidays actually taught me some valuable life lessons:

  • Patience: sitting at a water hole for hours and hours with the faith that something will rock up
  • Reward: kms of driving around seeing nothing until suddenly you come across a lion kill
  • Silence: appreciating the beauty and wonder of the bush and letting yourself be drowned in the sounds of the birds and buzzing insects
  • Falling asleep with my head peeking out to see the stars is what it’s about

My parents have never stopped going to Kruger and I must thank them for passing on that love for the bush on to me. Yes, I will see Cape Town for Two Oceans races, but the bush is where my heart belongs…

Just some of my favourite photos from my recent weekend away…

Thank you KK for a wonderful weekend. X

6 thoughts on “Bush getaway to remind me of my youth

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I got a pang in my heart while looking at the pictures, as it has always been one of my favourite things of South Africa. I am also a bush kind of girl and I miss it dearly. Thanks for reminding me of home!


    • This is gonna sound crazy but I was just thinking about you having read your tweet about French citizenship in a years time! Thx for reading my blog and making my night! x


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