The burning platforms of my life

If you’ve worked in a corporate environment, you’ve most probably come across the term “Burning Platform”. For those not familiar with its origin, the story goes like this:

It was change management guru, Daryl Conor, who was watching the news broadcast of the disaster when he realised that Andy’s account could be used as a metaphor which many people could relate to as a symbol for change commitment. Conor does not see it as a story of disaster but a tale of courage and tenacity that illustrates the commitment necessary to face the risk and uncertainty required when departing from the current state of affairs.

Lately this term has been stuck in my head as it feels as if I am the one standing at the edge of the oil rig platform. There are issues in my life which I have ignored for way too long. Issues that are making me miserable. There are things happening which are beyond my control. There are certain things which I know I have been careless with for way too long. My world oil rig is in a comfort zone of sorts but is going up in flames.

The stress, the unknown, the uncontrollable. It’s everything on top of one another. So yes, I am jumping.

I can’t just wait around for things to miraculously “be better”. I can’t expect problems to be sorted out on their own. I need to take ownership. I need to start doing something differently. I read somewhere: If you want something to work, work on it.

So, that’s what I’m doing…


2 thoughts on “The burning platforms of my life

  1. And what an excellent metaphor it is! This is exactly the inspiration I needed for today.

    I hope you sort your stuff out and kudo’s for taking the first step to do it 🙂


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