Exactly how candid are your conversations?

In a world that is constantly changing, under strain and with people working in abnormally stressful environments, you often find that corporates send their teams to workshops in order to master EQ, communications and other skills. With so many personal development areas to focus on, the one area we often ignore is how to have candid conversations with others.

Group work to discuss issues

Group work to discuss issues

So I found myself sitting in one of ‘those’ workshops today and while we engaged in insightful conversation and at times, quite emotional sharing, it was only when I got home and read some of my notes that I realised just how powerful some of the statements I had written down were. You don’t need to be in my workshop to use these statements and make them relevant in your life:

  • Self-awareness enables us to respond vs. react.
  • Inquiring brings out the other person’s view.
  • Waiting to talk is not listening.
  • People change and forget to tell one another (and even themselves).
  • Reality clashes with plans.
  • People are uncomfortable with real.
  • I’m going to show up as ‘myself’. Show people who I am.
  • Be here! Right now, in this moment.
  • Know who I am and what I am about in all my conversations.
  • Keep reminding yourself daily of what outcome you want in life.
  • No one is able to keep up with the level of change – protect your immune systems. You only have one.
  • Why is it so easy to disappoint yourself, but not other people?
  • Perceptions = Reality.
  • In every conversation, there’s my story, your story and our story.

The final message of the day was finding that balance in life/work (keeping up with those friggin walkers!). It could be gym, a run after work, walking the dogs, a good meal or even a favourite TV show. But give back, both to your body and your mind. Remember to reward yourself. You deserve it!

I encourage you to read my list again and pick out that one relevant statement that speaks to you and make that change!

7 thoughts on “Exactly how candid are your conversations?

  1. I agree with you, people aren’t listening most times their minds are going at a trillion miles per hour.
    I have also learned that not everyone is the same, so I feel one must take this into account and when you have a strong opinion of something not to impatiently discard others opinion should they not agree with yours. Try and think of where they are coming from cause not every one is on the same wave length as you and that does not give you the right to rubbish their views and feelings. Thats what makes the world go round listening to the beat of another drum.There is also the matter of intellect, age, culture, and experiences which may alter opinions. 🙂


  2. I went on a 5 day EQ workshop a few years ago. Of all the courses / training / workshops I’ve been to over the last 10 years, it’s probably the only one I’m still actively applying to both my professional & personal life. Killer tools!


      • The biggest thing I learnt from that workshop was realising that I’ve been responding instead of reacting all along & that I wasn’t a weirdo after all! c”,)
        Understanding why I feel the way I do, in any scenario, has always made it easier to deal with stuff. It didn’t numb me to the emotions, but I guess it made it a lot more bearable, if that makes any sense at all?! 😉


  3. So enjoy your work ! This is something that hit home today – not just for me, there are a few I would like to send it to. What I also enjoy, is to know sometimes I am not alone in the way I think…. Thanks for a good read.


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