Running through some old memories…

Running memories

1. 5am registration for Wits Kudus race. 2. Two Oceans 2013. 3. Sunday treadmill running. 4. New running watch paraphernalia. 5. RAC 10km. 6. New asics running shoes. 7. Johnson Crane half marathon. 8. Irene Liquifruit 10km. 9. Favourite running quote.

Don’t stop planning

After enduring a week of extreme heat, we woke up to the most glorious, cool rain. It did not stop KK and his running partner DSM from heading out for their weekly run but I was not that brave and decided to wait it out.

After returning from their run, KK and DSM started discussing their Comrades training schedules. Having run since they were both at Varsity in the late 80’s, it’s the first time they’ve decided to give the “Big C” a try. Printouts lay on the table of various training schedules, Lindsay Parry, Don Oliver, Old Mutual, Modern Athlete… It’s quite surprising at how different they all are. Some demand daily runs, others allow for rest days (which really appeals to DSM).

Race plan

As I sat pondering whether or not I should brave the rainy weather myself and go for a run, it did occur to me that with KK’s extra training, I’d possibly also get to do a lot more running myself this year, especially since there are a few road races earmarked in their draft training schedule.

This is great and I’m quite excited about it. Their dedication and commitment will definitely rub off on me and I’m looking forward to the build-up in the coming months.

When DSM left, KK surprised me by joining me on my run. I had planned the whole week to do a LSD as I have Johnson Crane half marathon coming up and have not yet run many long distances recently.

As we headed up to the 4km mark it started to rain. It was a sprint home and I must admit that I have never run so fast in my life trying to catch up to KK!

Just thinking about my LSD and even Comrades, I realised that as much as you plan, as much as you think things will go your way, anything can happen. But it shouldn’t stop you from just doing it. The outcome is still rewarding!

Running Johnson Crane 10.56km

The Johnson Crane running race holds a special place in my heart. It’s where I managed to run my first half marathon but it’s also the race where I hit my first (and my only) wall.

The race is held out in Benoni where it’s pretty flat. It’s hugely popular and this year, the marathon and half had to be delayed by 30 minutes due to traffic congestion. No wonder with 6 000 entrants!

Loads of runners had entered the 10.56km (quarter marathon) race. Young, old, kids. I managed to weasel my way to the front area so that I wasn’t starting at the back of the group. Gun went off and so did we.

The race is not too challenging but what makes it different is the fact that it is flat. Very flat. There are no undulating hills to help break the run. Sometimes a flat run can actually be quite tough because of this reason.

For the first time ever, I was able to run a full 10km race without stopping to walk (largely due to the awesome help from Craig aka @biggestbossfan). Yes, we did stop maybe twice to walk for 1 minute but compared to other races, this was a huge improvement for me. It definitely helps running with someone!

I also managed to run the race in under 8mins/km. We finished in 82 minutes. Bearing in mind this was a 10.56km and Craig did point out that it took him on approximately 2mins to pass the starting line due to the number of runners, I was thrilled!

Considering I was averaging 80 minutes for a 10km, here I ran a 10km, plus another half a km in 82 minutes. A personal best (PB)!

Rating: 8/10