Dear Blog…

I’ve been distant and I know it. I’ve been far too quiet and haven’t posted quite as many blog posts as I used to. I’m sorry. It’s not you, it’s me. I’m unsure what’s wrong with me and I keep thinking of all the excuses as to why I’ve been neglecting you.

– Too busy with work. Yes, it’s been a busy year with so many exciting challenges that have taken up all my time and energy. I’ve worked on projects that I never dreamed I’d be part of before. Projects that have pushed me each and every day and challenged me like nothing before. In fact, work has been fabulous and come to think of it, here would’ve will be the perfect place to talk about it.

– Vulnerable is how I felt. I came across two strangers on Twitter discussing my blog a while back. The fools didn’t realise that I could see their conversation. They called my blog self-centered, self-loathing and a real sad pity party. One of them even said she couldn’t believe I even had so many people reading my blog because it was sh*t. For days their comments gnawed away at me as though they were speaking on behalf of the universe. Bouncing back has been hard.

– Two good friends have left a hole in my heart. One moved on and one passed away. Their opinions mattered and without them, I feel as if some of my mojo is missing too. Accepting that people come and go in life has been tough.

– Time. Oh my gosh, where does the time go each day? I used to be able to write up to three blog posts a week, filled with the most awesome pictures. Nowadays, I struggle to post even one. I have hundreds of ideas and thoughts written down in a book and even more in my head but finding time to sit down and write hasn’t been easy.


Something I’ve learned this year with my running is that it takes consistency and discipline each and every day. I need to make time to run and I guess the same is true of my writing.

Next year will be different. I can already tell that I will have so much more to share. Crazy work stories, an update on my running training progress and exciting holidays planned for 2015. I promise to be more dedicated and committed to making this work. I promise. If there’s one constant in my life, it’s this blog. It’s you.

Love Bron

14 thoughts on “Dear Blog…

  1. I can’t believe people would be mean about you! I love your blog – get your posts delivered to my email 🙂
    I want to know who the mean girls are so I can unfollow them.

    Anyway, keep writing Bron! I’m excited to see where all your new, extra training gets you!


  2. No ways! Bron! Seriously? Tweeps were mean about you? Like, the nicest person on the intewebs who never has anything mean to say about anyone? They were mean about you? Shame on them!
    And here’s to an awesome 2015 for you and your husband and your totally squishy dogs!

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  3. Bo…we have the capacity to build and to destroy, gravitate or radiate, increase or decrease and life flows through all the stages. See the criticism as just a stage…and after destruction there is always construction…Your blog allows me to self-reflect, continue writing more. I do think you write from the heart…and if some readers are having a hard time relating to your blog, that speaks volumes about them than you.

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    • Assis, thank you! I’ve really enjoyed seeing you this year! Not only for the good laughs but for exactly the kind of things you’ve mentioned in your comments. It really inspires me! Thanks! X


  4. Its simple – your blog is for you, if they don’t like it or enjoy it they can choose not to read it. Full of irony the fact that they choose to have a conversation about it, if its not important to them. Your blog is brilliant and inspirational – You go girl 🙂


  5. The fools knew you could see that conversation. They were being mean girls. Don’t let them win, you keep writing. For you. For your readers. FOR YOU.

    Here’s to a great 2015.


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