Winter is coming…

After a few years of running, my schedule starts to look quite similar at this time of year. Tapering down for Two Oceans is high on the agenda and everyone I speak to seems to ask if I’m running. Yeah, I am. I was fortunate enough to get an entry along with 16 000 other runners! 

I’ve been keeping an eye on Cape Town’s weather. Easter is early this year which means that hopefully we still get some sunny days on the beach when we head down there for the race. 

But there is a definite chill in the air in Jozi. The mornings are dark. The leaves are falling. Even my hair is dry and static. 

I know that by the time we get back from running Two Oceans down in Cape Town, we’ll arrive home ready to face Winter. 

Running with headlamps strapped to our foreheads. Running gloves. Long sleeve tops. Ice cold mornings at track. Grass all over my car mats. 

The sun is setting earlier these days. Soon we’ll need the flood lights.

 I’m not ready! 

3 thoughts on “Winter is coming…

  1. I hope you have a great Two Oceans! It is getting a bit chilly here too – ran at 6.30 this morning…just starting to get light and rather cold. But the days warm up so I hope you get to spend some time on the beach. I’ll be away when you’re here but will be sending you happy running wishes!

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