Run like the wind

I doubt very much if I would be a runner if I lived down in Cape Town. I’d blame it entirely on the wind. 

What I concluded after a short run this morning in 37km/h wind is that it’s difficult to run against. It blows so hard that it forces your body off balance. It forced me to stop and walk a few times. (Okay, maybe I shouldn’t blame everything on the wind).

The sound howling through the trees and over the ocean upsets me and leaves me feeling uneasy. It’s an angry wind. Loud. Violent. Unforgiving. Nasty. All characteristics which don’t gel with me.


running in windy cape town

Post run shot of my fizzy wind swept hair!

 Maybe it’s easier running on the trails through the forest? Maybe those beautiful trees would shelter me from the wind? I saw this suggestion tweeted from someone in the know (aka a Capetonian). 

I’ll give it another try tomorrow. The weatherman has predicted rain for Saturday’s Two Oceans race. Wind or rain. I don’t know what’s worse. 

10 thoughts on “Run like the wind

    • I once tried a coach via email who lived in Cape Town. He sent me my programme and on it there was a column that I had to fill out after every run to report what the wind conditions were. I was like, huh? In Joburg it’s a non issue. But he said in Cape Town, it is! Sometimes that south easter means they can’t run! Yowzer!


      • yOUR COACH IS RATHER DEMOTIVATING! It is really not all that hard to go jog ”yes ”jog a 21km under 2:30 .The coach obviously never went under that time himself lol. Giving someone a program without making a proper assessment is an idiots idea.First of all if you want to get your seeding up to D Then you need to train a little more not just twice a week .if you wish,me to help you run under that 3hours in the next 66 days ,then send me an email‘t be scared you can do it .I promise not to charge you .You can pay me back by running a better time .goodluck Coach T


        • The full story is that before the CT coach gave me a programme he did do an assessment. The point I was making is that wind is not a factor for Jo’burg runners. Lucky us!
          Thanks for the offer of coaching but I do have a coach in Jo’burg who I’ve been with for a few years now. My PB on a half marathon is down to 2:44. I’m getting there. To get into D means I need to run 2:12 at a pace of 6:18. Yeah, I know my limits and my body. If you can knock 1:45 minutes per km off a runners pace, then wow! You really are a good coach. Thanks Coach T!


      • I live and was born here in CT I started running in 1977 and not once did I have a problem not training because of the wind.There are different roates to train on .Lastly,the half on a very windy day will only bother you in the first 3-5km at Southern Coss and around that area you are running inbetween the houses and trees so very little wins after southern cross drive there is no wind .


  1. I absolutelu HATE the wind, its the biggest reason why I feel I can’t live in Cape Town! Good luck for Saturday – come rain or shine, it will be a great race I am sure!

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