In the blink of an eye

Life changes in the blink of an eye. It really does. But it takes years for you to notice it.

During these recent times of uncertainty in the world, I’ve tried to make sense of the chaos. Have I made the right choices? What will I do if things go wrong? What’s my plan B? Let’s face it. The world has officially gone mad. But whatever it is, when I look around and observe what some of my friends are getting up to, I see a real sense of bravery! Of change…

Sharon & Hillary took up horse-riding. Andrew resigned from his job with no alternative. He just decided one day, “Screw this! No more!”

Chevy & Marc packed up and left Johannesburg for a different lifestyle down in Cape Town where job titles don’t matter. What matters to them is walking the dogs on the beach after work in the late setting sun.

Shaun & Lisa left for an overseas adventure. Taking up job opportunities but with the end goal of exploring the world while they’re still young. So did Meg & Rob. (By the way, follow Meg’s awesome blog on all things Dublin.)

My very good friend Karen envisages a completely different upbringing for her two sons. She is planning a future quite opposite to anything she knows. Listening to her planning to emigrate to Australia has shown me that it’s not as easy as one might think. But she has a vision. A new start to life.

Retrenchment has meant Sam has registered her own company. I can see that she’s nervous. The unknown always is, but she’s doing it. How frikking exciting!? I wish it was me!

Full time running coaching has given Coach Neville a second chance at “life”! They always say follow your passion and I suspect he’s been surprised by the journey that perhaps he should’ve embarked on years ago.

Turning 40 was a biggie in my life! Watching Samantha training to run her first Comrades marathon on her 40th birthday in a few months time, well … that’s pretty epic!

Susan is fighting cancer. Too many people I know are fighting cancer. Their resilience to never give up inspires me. Their approaches to decisions that they don’t exactly have control over is heartbreaking to see.

Terence has gone solo! I wish I could do that… But what do I have to offer?

This is me in Cape Town in 2007. In a blink of an eye, it’s 10 years later.

I’m seeing newbie runners like Russel bursting with runner’s high. I watched my sister, Gwynn, buying her own home and then going on to lose 17kgs! Janine is going back to university. New jobs. New hobbies. New lives!

It’s inspiring! It’s brave! It’s been happening in front of my eyes all this time, but I’m only seeing it all now. As if it’s a sign I need to see. For a reason I’m still grappling with.

5 thoughts on “In the blink of an eye

  1. Perhaps the universe is nudging you to just do it…..whatever that may be or in whatever way. Or maybe nothing at all. You will probably get a few more nudges before you get that aha moment.

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  2. Bron, you have so much to offer! You inspire so many people…I watch you and think that I have much to learn from you. You have enormous amounts of passion for all things social and digital. You are an amazing communicator with a bigger purpose. You are courageous and so open to sharing your knowledge and insights. Perhaps the sign for you is that where you are right now is the perfect place…inspiring others to be more.

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      • I agree wholeheartedly with Janine’s comment except to also add that even though I only know you online, your kindness shines through – and that in itself is for me very inspiring.
        I understand what you’re saying as I have also felt the last few years rush by and “what have I done?”…but I’ve realised that when I feel fulfilled (even if it is with having potentially achieved less) I am at peace. Maybe it is that we need to find/know what truly fulfills and excites us. If it is what you really want to do (going solo maybe?), it will be the right thing and you’ll be amazed at what will come your way.
        Wishing you all you wish for!

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