Throw out, make a list and run less. 2018, here we come.

I don’t usually set New Year’s resolutions. I admit to starting off January knowing I’d take the rest of the year to lose all the extra weight put on from all the festivities during the holiday. KK and I typically map out the road races we’d like to run in the year and also book our holidays around these dates.

But in terms of actual goal setting, all I have in my head is a list of really bad experiences that I don’t want to repeat going into the new year.

I did make a few minor behavioral changes which I’m hoping make a difference.

Here’s five things I’ve changed going into 2018:

  1. Ditching the plastic

The new Woolies grocery bags. We just need to remember to take them with us shopping.

During our weekly grocery shopping, we collect around x10 plastic bags to carry our groceries. We use the excuse that “we use the bags for dustbin bags during the week.” But we don’t need to, so we swopped the bags for Woolies enviro-friendly bags. I must tell you, they’re huge and carry quite a lot of goods.

  1. Americano vs. Cappuccino

Confession: this pic was taken in December while we were in Cape Town. It’s a cappuccino. LOL

I know that diets don’t last but if I make small changes to my eating, then that alone should help. Those Vide ‘e cappuccinos are just mucho grande cups of frothy milk and when I’m having two or three a day, it adds up (around the belly). Americano is purely black coffee and while I know the best solution would’ve been to swop for water, one or two coffees with less milk won’t hurt. Baby steps.

  1. Getting organized

Labelling all our cupboards & drawers makes it a lot easier to pack items away too.

My sister stayed over in December and exposed just how disorganized we really were! She helped me re-pack my cupboards, throwing out old clothes, linen, pots and food. Oh gosh, my medicine cupboard was a mess! The trick is to keep it clean and organized.

  1. Making a list

I make to-do lists all the time at work. But I’ve never made a shopping list before. KK and I head over to Woolies and buy the things we think we need. It’s only by sorting out my cupboards with my sister that I realized that we had loads of food that was going old or duplicates of items that we were not using. Let’s not even talk about my freezer! Just by making a list, I’m buying less now too & saving money.

  1. Run less but more

I’m loving my new Garmin fenix 5S. With such a great strap, I’ve been wearing it to work. Hitting my 10 000 step goal is tough!

KK and I are both coming out of 2017 with injuries. KK missed Kaapsehoop, he pulled out of Otter, did not enter Two Oceans. With my pulmonary embolism recovery and sprained ankle treatment, my running has been slow & reserved. It hasn’t entirely stopped us. KK has been walking a lot and I’ve been enjoying the shorter runs. We’ve become Parkrun fans! But there have been discussions about whether or not 2018 is a rest year for us both and a refocus on strength training. (The verdict is still in the air at this point. Notice that KK still entered Comrades & Otter 2018).

I’m unsure how I feel about 2018. I’m cautious. Overall, I’d like to have a better control over my life and I suspect the only way I can gain this is by focusing on the small things.

The small things, the small differences which eventually are the big changes. I can only try, right?

4 thoughts on “Throw out, make a list and run less. 2018, here we come.

  1. Your article made me look back at the last 4 months of 2017, when I began a transformation after a health scare. For me, it seemed as if a switch was turned overnight. No takeouts. Cooking at home. Gym and yoga for a completely inactive person. I had pain… I had injury. My physio said it was due to the multiple simultaneous lifestyle changes I made, and my body taking its time to adapt.

    When I think back now, it was actually a sum of all these little daily changes that got me to where I am (12kg down – 76 to 64 in 4 months). The key is consistency, and doing things in a sustainable way, even if you need to incorporate one tiny thing daily. One thing that helped is… though I was super-disciplined, I forgave myself the (very) occasional indiscretion, but always kept a reminder of my larger goals close by.

    Thanks for the Americano idea. Implementing this for my coffee run today! Hopefully see you at a Park Run sometime, now that I have started those since December as well 🙂

    PS. Incidentally, yoga helped with healing a lot of my injuries. I was a skeptic prior to my physio recommending it to me, but gave it a bash. I got immense psychological benefits just from the meditation activities as well, and it made me realize how little I just… stopped… in my everyday life. Even 10 minutes of this ‘stopping’ 2x a week gave me benefits I cannot begin to express. If you’re not already doing something similar, perhaps give it a go sometime. Good luck!


  2. Hello ☺
    I really enjoyed this post! I must say some of your resolutions sound a lot like mine! The very 1st one, I ditched buying new plastic bags mid-November 2017. My car boot was and is still loaded with them. I pack them nicely in my handbag whenever I go grocery shopping. My children hate me for this, they feel like I’m being a cheapskate! But no, I want to go green, and the way to get there is to get rid of the remaining plastic bags – bin by bin, and getting no more new ones. I already have a few “green” bags in the house which I will use going forward.

    Getting organised – something I’m working towards. As it is now my lunch for tomorrow is packed, gym bag packed, and my morning smoothie ingredients already chopped and ready for the blender in the morning.

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    • Good going! I like that your gym bag is packed & ready to go too! Starting off the week right! Lemme know how it goes with going “green”? Any tips? I have already been told to ditch the plastic lids on my Americano! Oops! Okay! 😀


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