The thing about regret…

I’ve had a few regretful moments lately.

It started on Friday when I had to fork out R7k for two new tyres for my car. Why? Because apparently if you have a puncture you shouldn’t drive on run flats for more than a week. I regret not getting my tyre fixed sooner.

I spent Saturday afternoon with my sister and niece. Gosh but she’s growing up so quickly! We laughed and chatted and shared a bowl of chips with our quesadillas at Tasha’s. I regret not spending more time with her. She left me with the most beautiful bunch of flowers. Flowers, tulips

After an entire week of rain, I lay on the couch on Sunday staring out into the drenched garden. Summer is gone. Winter is on its way. I regret not spending more lazy afternoons next to the pool enjoying the rays of the sun. Next to the swimming pool in my cozzie

I continue to struggle with plantar fasciitis. Desperate to run and knowing I’m missing out on key road races, I regret not running more often during the last months of 2016. You can never make up that training time, it’s gone. 

I sometimes sit back and wonder how these things happen. Am I aware of it? Or does it catch me off guard? Can I make it up or fix things. Sure! But the feeling is pretty crappy in the moment. I suppose there’s no point in regretting but rather focus on what matters now! Learn from mistakes and move on! 

School holiday fun

My niece loves visiting us during the school holidays and we make sure we spoil her rotten! With no kids of our own, we squash as much as we can into the time she’s with us – movies, eating out, Box Office, junk food; you name it! (okay, so maybe we’re the ones who enjoy it more!)

I took a couple of days off work during the July holidays so that I could spend some quality time with her and it was really great! We had such fun! She’s 13 years old and makes me laugh with her views of the world around her. I seriously can’t remember having such big opinions about world events as she does. But it’s awesome for me to be able to chat to her, to watch her grow and to spend some really ‘girlie time’ together.

Some of my favourite moments …

Breakfast at Knead

Breakfast at Knead – I love this place! And so did Dom with the biggest* strawberry milkshake. It didn’t stop her from ordering a large slush 30 mins later at the movies!

Fun at Bounce, Waterfall Estate (and yes, even i put my socks on & gave it a try!)

Fun at Bounce, Waterfall Estate (and yes, even I put my socks on & gave it a try!) We were both bushed afterwards and headed to my mom for some afternoon relaxing and lunch.

Making chocolate memories at the Cadbury's Marvellous Creations pop-up shop

Making chocolate memories at the Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations pop-up shop. Pure evil! But I just love the two new flavours.

The house is always very quiet when she goes home. Thanks for a wonderful time Dom! We love you lots!

Running through my weekend

Weekend with Dom

1. Friday night treat of pizza’s from Andiccio’s. 2. Movies with my niece. (I remember all the words to the songs from Annie.) 3. Shopping with my niece. 4. Frozen yoghurt – vanilla, coconut & a splash of mint. 5. Early morning back massage & love for Annie. 6. Shavathon hair dye 7. Caught in the rain on a Saturday night. 8. Photos for my Japan visa. 9. A PB at the Vaal 21.1km race!