Falling ManBeing a huge fan of documentaries, I recently watched “The Falling Man”. It’s the story of the search for the identify of a man who jumped from the burning World Trade Centre Towers during 9/11. (Confession: I’m a little obsessed with doccies on 9/11).

What struck me is the connection I felt with no one knowing who this man was. The guesses and the media interference amid all the confusion was quite familiar to me.

A problem that I have struggled with for too long now is the fact that my role has not been clearly defined or even understood by my team at work. I get asked the oddest questions. I get pulled in to meetings which have nothing to do with me. But worst of all is that I get left out of projects where I could add the most value.

Gate crashing of meetings, emails and ‘profiling’ of myself has made very little impact. So whilst watching the documentary and seeing this man falling, I acknowledged that I have been feeling the same way for far too long now. I’ve been falling. Faster and faster. I’ve been walking around the office appearing calm and peaceful yet inside, filled with anxiety and frustration.

It’s inevitable. Unless you are adding real value where you work and unless you are fulfilled with having found your purpose, you will always be falling to a most certain death.

I’m so relieved that a couple of months ago I admitted to myself that I needed to do something about it and took action. It has taken a while to get off the ground, but I am moving my career in a different direction – something I’m super excited about! <watch this blog!>

By the way. They found the man’s identity in the end. It was a sign to me that I’m making a good move forward.