I’m getting old. #fact

I turned 37 years old in April. *OMW* This means I have officially moved closer to my forties. My age never used to bother me, but suddenly, it does. It’s as if I woke up one morning and realised that I was no longer in my 20’s or early 30’s.

So why now? Why am I feeling like this all of a sudden? What’s different? I sat down and wrote a couple of things down…

  1. My parents are moving in to a Retirement Home.
  2. I’ve had to book my regular hair appointment from every 6 weeks to 5 weeks as my greys are showing through quicker.
  3. In December, I will be going to my 20 year High School Reunion.
  4. If I go watch a movie on a Friday evening, I fall asleep. In fact, Friday evenings I’m in bed before 9pm.
  5. I recently chose to go home and snuggle in front of TV with hubby instead of heading off to a night club with my friends.
  6. The beautiful model Tanya Fourie, who I adored as a teenager and who is featured in the May edition of Fair Lady, has wrinkles.
  7. My age category when I enter running races is listed as Sub-veteren. *ouch*

I guess I can’t stop the clock… I’m getting older, I just need to start accepting it. But it has made me stop and ask myself, am I growing old the way I want to? Are there things I still want to do?

But while I do this, can everyone and everything around me please slow down a bit?