Autumn arrives

And just like that, Autumn is officially here. Last week I was still wearing sandals and strappy dresses to work but on my run on Sunday morning, I could definitely feel that fresh chill in the air. 

In my mind, the only positive aspect that comes with a change in season, is well… change itself. It’s a time of reflection. A time to make decisions and do things differently in my life.

So three things come to mind: 

  1. I’ve relooked my eating plan and made a few adjustments. Smaller portions, more veggies and perhaps less wine on the weekends (for now).
  2. I’m starting off the month of May with a number of work responsibilities having moved out of my control to another team. That’s brought about huge changes to my day and a readjustment of priorities. Time to refocus on new projects.
  3. I’ve also been doing some assessments of my running and redefining my running goals now that Two Oceans has come & gone. If I’m enjoying the casual run, what am I still training for? 

I’m not a cold weather person. The dry skin, the static hair, the layers of clothing all irritate me. 

But the colder weather brings with it fleecy blankets in front of movies and soups with piping hot bread smothered in melting butter. (Oops, about that eating plan!)
Mmm, something I can definitely look forward to! 

Look around. What do you notice?

Our patio door stands open for most of the evening while we watch TV. The aircon in the bedroom cools us down while we sleep. The evenings are still light by 7pm. I’m smug that Summer is holding on for this long because I know what’s coming.

I’ve got the SADs. Seasonal Affective Disorder. I can feel the seasons changing. There’s that ‘something’ in the air. The glow of the sun is different. The freshness in the morning is crisper. And then these kinds of images have started popping up on my social media timelines…

Cosmos flowers signaling the arrival of autumn
The signs are everywhere. Autumn is sneaking in on us and yes, Winter is coming. I’m not ready. Are you?


I’m quite schizophrenic when it comes to Autumn. On the one hand, I hate the cold nights, the dry skin, the static hair and not knowing what to wear because it’s not yet Winter. Running becomes difficult and excuses not to run become easier to find. But on the other hand, there’s nothing more majestic than driving through Jo’burg and seeing the beautiful colours of Autumn as the leaves start falling.

My Autumn has arrived with many highs as well as lows…

KK’s business trip away confirmed… going to my first Jewish wedding… a new bird feeder… my mom’s birthday… Mother’s Day… a fun evening out with work colleagues… a day off doing absolutely nothing… a sick (and overweight) dog… a stressed out family member… a best friend who continues to avoid me… a giggle about Julia Roberts… a foot massage that made me cry… a suicide of a stranger… lunch in the park with the girls… flowers blooming in my garden… the passing away of a tweep… plantar fasciitis which is healing slowly… and a 15km running race which made me realise my running mojo is returning.

Yes. Autumn has definitely arrived and as much as I think it will remain sunny forever, it won’t. Things change, whether I like it or not. Seasons change. There’s no stopping it and Winter is on its way.