That time of year again

The change in season is never more evident than when we return home from our Easter holiday. The yearly trek down to Cape Town to run the Two Oceans is the first time I’m packing in warmer jackets and closed shoes, knowing that evenings are a lot cooler. And by the time we fly home, everything is suddenly duller. There’s a fresh chill in the air, the sun sets earlier and unless you head out for your afternoon run before 17:30, you can forget about finishing in the light.


Wine and pizza pairing at the Brenaissance Wine Farm on the day we landed. I was already feeling chilly & whipped out my puffer.

We did manage to soak up a few rays down in Cape Town. Truth be told, we must be getting older because we preferred to lie around at the pool at the hotel instead of heading down to Clifton 4th beach.


Calm & relaxing. Only realized that my toenails are painted blue by pure coincidence – Thank you Monika & Lemonade.

KK gets terrible cabin fever and so we decided one morning to hike up the mountain. It wasn’t as easy as we thought. The fires had destroyed a lot of the vegetation and so the path wasn’t visible. It turned into quite a serious hike, right up KK’s alley! But the views from the top were amazing!

I was left with mixed feelings about Cape Town’s drought situation. There’s definitely awareness of it up in Jo’burg and we packed in wet wipes, expecting the worst. But I didn’t get a sense of the seriousness whilst down in Cape Town. The hotel only had a few signs around, but no clear instructions on what I was expected to do with the water in the bucket after I had showered.

The concierge claimed it wasn’t an issue and would only hit Cape Town in 2019. The toilets at the V&A Waterfront had a small sticker above the loo saying, “This toilet uses grey water.” So does that mean I flush after my wee or not?

The great thing about holidays in Cape Town are definitely the late sunsets! It was 19:00 and the sun was just setting over the ocean. It was refreshing to stop and take it in. We also scored with no wind this year! The wind and I are not big friends and that nasty South Easter can upset my entire day.

cape town sunsets

I must confess that I did have two chocolate croissants, one after the other, at breakfast on our last morning in Cape Town. It was glorious! I had been very good the entire weekend – no wine, lots of protein, zero Easter eggs (liar) and a salad here & there for lunch. But coming back to Jo’burg, I have a new mindset & have reset my goals:

  1. Running: I will be relooking my running goals. I’m already eyeing RAC 10km in May. But for now, I am hoping for more runs, less mileage. Going for regular 4km runs after work (before that Winter sun sets) instead of thinking that I need to run 10s and 21s all the time. That will come, but not for now.
  2. Weight: Call it “the 40s midlife crisis” or blame it on my running injury excuses, but something has gone seriously wrong in my head & I have lost control over food. Sounds quite dramatic, I know! I’ve been to see another dietician. I’ll save it for another blog post, but while eating Pronutro and rice cakes works amazingly for some, it didn’t for me. So I found someone who is Banting / LCHF / Keto / Plant based pro. My gut feel is that this way of eating suits me. It’s worked before. It’s my head I need to fix first.

There’s another long weekend coming up at the end of April and then we have that long stretch into Winter. Chilly, dark morning runs. Battling the traffic to get home from work early enough to run. The streets lined with an array of beautiful hues of brown and orange leaves that crunch under your feet. I’m ready for you Winter.


The stories I witnessed from this year’s Two Oceans

Having substituted my Two Oceans 2013 half marathon entry and deciding to run the 8km fun run instead, it was interesting observing the race from a non-participant’s point of view this year. Each and every person had their own story to tell…This is how I saw it.


KK was still ill by the time we flew down to Cape Town and decided that with such a sore chest, it was best not to run. The disappointment on his face as he negotiated with himself what to do was visible each day leading up to that Saturday but only he could make that final decision. In his words, “It’ll take me a year longer to get my Blue number.” Sorry babes.

Meanwhile, two of our other running friends received their Blue numbers on the Saturday. One for the half and the other for the Ultra. What an awesome achievement!

For others, the race was not a good experience. One of my favourite athletes missed cut off and was totally shattered! In the heat of the moment, she announced that she would ‘never run Two Oceans again’. I hope that while she feels that way about this particular race, she has not lost her love for running. There’s a difference.

Ironically, a catch-up supper on the Thursday evening before the race with another friend was an eye-opener. Being a non-runner, she had no idea the race was happening or even the details. Runners become so obsessed with Two Oceans – it’s all we talk about. It was refreshing to have supper and talk about something else for a change.

An ankle injury forced another running buddy out of the race which she loves with all her heart. But that did not stop her passion to ensure she ‘fly her flag’ across that finish line among mixed reactions from some.

The father-in-law of one of the Blue number runners mentioned above had not run since last year’s Two Oceans. The worry that he would not finish was wasted as he crossed the finish line declaring “Muscle memory got me through!” 

Two other running friends narrowly made Ultra cut offs with minutes to spare – one for his bronze medal and the other one to finish in time. Great run guys!

Witnessing the Russian twins and Stephen Muzhingi have bad races proved that even the champs have races that don’t always go their way.

Fun run 2013

And then to all those surrounding me at the 8km fun run. To many, it was the first time they would attempt that distance. To them, this WAS their marathon! The race is called a fun run but to some runners, it was a very serious race! I hope it’s the start of a wonderful running journey that sees them finish their half or even ultra marathons one day!