I’m so ready for Summer

I know it’s only the end of August, but there are certain cues that alert me that Summer (and the end of the year) is fast approaching.

  • JasmineSpring has arrived. Yes, I’m stating the obvious but I can smell that the season has changed. I can smell rain in the air. I can smell freshly cut grass and braai’s.
  • I’m able to run much later in the afternoons because the sun now sets after 6pm. Huge bonus.
  • The smell of jasmine is everywhere! This is one of my favourite smells.
  • KK and I have planned our annual weekend getaway to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
  • Santa Shoebox entries open this week and before you know, it’ll be the drop-off weekend.
  • I received a meeting invite to a work conference happening in February 2016. What?
  • We’ve started having casual conversations as to which family member will host Christmas.
  • KK has already put in his December annual leave dates at work. Yikes!
  • I have this sudden urge to go to the nursery and buy plants and do some gardening.
  • I’ve started seeing pictures posted on Facebook of kids in swimming pools. When we were young, there was a silly rule about waiting for the first Summer rains? Full bloom

This is my favourite time of the year! People come out of that gloomy Winter slump. It’s so wonderful to be outdoors and in the sun. Everywhere I hear people saying, “Shew, it’s going to be a long hot Summer!”

I’m not complaining. Bring it!

Not running in winter did me some good

I hate running during the winter months. There, I said it. I always promise myself that I’m going to try keep up my training and run through until summer, but it never happens. My last race is usually the RAC 10km in June and after that, it’s downhill. As it gets darker, the excuses flow and the motivation wanes.

But it’s not all bad. This year, I have discovered some good that has come out of it.

I’ve rested my feet. All through 2011 and up until June this year, I have been battling with plantar fasciitis as well as Morton’s Neuroma in my left foot. I have bought every gadget I could find to massage my feet. I have been to Lyno sports massage. I have tried all the stretching exercises I could find on Google and Runners World. But not running for two months and resting my feet has done wonders. I know when (wise) people tell you to stop running and rest when you get injured, most runners go into shock and refuse to listen. But it works. My plantar fasciitis was healed with Lyno but the neuroma has definitely lessened and cannot be felt on most days. My feet feel strong and rested.

I’ve rested my body. I don’t normally catch colds or flu during winter. In fact, KK and I do not even have a house doctor and usually self-medicate with med-lemon and honey. But this year, we were both hit badly and it set us back for weeks. First him, then me. I had to stop all activity and was even bedridden for a week. No gym, no running. It can make you feel pretty miserable. But knowing that it’s winter made it okay. If it were summer, I’d be panicked that I was missing all the cool races. But the race calendar only really kicks into gear once spring comes along so I could safely use this time to rest as much as I could and recover properly. My body has rested.

I’ve rested my mind. Running can sometimes be all consuming. It gets to a point, especially before the big races such as Two Oceans, that that’s all everyone talks about. I get a bit obsessed about my running pace. I get upset about my race times. I get all worked up in good and bad ways after reading tweets, blogs and articles talking about running. But the less races I’ve run, the less running has been an issue. I’ve also been able to blog about other things that have been keeping me busy and so there have been some weeks where running has not even featured. It’s good to rest your mind.

Yet, I must admit that I even though I have rested my feet, my body and my mind, enough is enough. I am feeling niggly. My feet are starting to itch. My body is feeling heavy. My mind is starting to think about all things running.

The resting is over. I can feel spring is on it’s way…